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On Wednesday, April 5, in the late afternoon, a 53-year-old lady was killed by her brother’s Rottweiler as she went to feed it. When the dog attacked Patrizia La Marca as she was feeding it, it viciously “tore her apart” with its jaws. She was reportedly attacked by the dog while she was at her brother’s house in the northern Italian town of Ventimiglia.

Her brother and his wife, who have not yet been identified, are thought to have gone on vacation for a few days. The neighbours called 911 as soon as they saw Marca’s bloodied body, and at around 4 o’clock, emergency personnel arrived on the scene. The incident site also received a call from the Carabinieri, the national military force.

Patrizia La Marca Age

Patrizia La Marca was 49 years old.

Patrizia La Marca Cause of Death

The victim’s body was discovered with severe bite wounds to her arms, chest, shoulders, and skull. She apparently tried to defend herself, but the dog ripped pieces of her torso off. The animal was shot and injured when the police arrived, and it was eventually transported to a kennel under judicial care. While the injured woman was flown to a hospital by helicopter, she was unable to survive as a result of her wounds.

One emergency personnel described the startling encounter to the neighbourhood media. “The body had been severely damaged. A clinical scenario that is highly critical… According to Mirror, the employee said, “I have never seen anything like it. It is not yet known if the dog will be euthanized. The issue is being looked into by the authorities right now.

Due to dog bites, several individuals have been hospitalised. According to The Sun, these unprovoked dog attacks have increased over the previous 20 years. In addition to pit bulls and German shepherds, Rottweilers are among the dog breeds with the highest statistics for bite assaults, according to Warriors of Justice. A 17-month-old infant girl was brutally mauled to death by an American bully earlier in April.

The mother of the toddler used the unfortunate tragedy to spread awareness against dog attacks. To aid other families who have lost children in similar instances, she launched a campaign. The mother said, “I want to help other families in our position as we felt very isolated and judged when this attack happened,” with the intention of aiding other parents.

Bella-Rae’s name would be renowned for aiding families rather than being associated with the young child who perished in a dog attack, she continued. My daughter was more than the baby who was mauled; I don’t want that to be how people remember her. I hope people would realise that, according to the Daily Mail, “this may happen to anyone, regardless of breed.

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