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Pastor Matthew Dedmon Wife Wiki – Pastor Matthew Dedmon Wife Biography

Pastor Matthew Dedmon is a supposed killer of Joe Newburn. As per specialists, the Missouri spouse has been accused of first-degree murder for lethally shooting the person with whom he guarantees his significant other was taking part in an extramarital entanglements. Then again, Joe Newburn, 57, was killed by Matthew Dedmon, 47, who was accused of first-degree murder. Dedmon informed specialists that he is a Pastor at Rogersville’s Heritage Baptist Church.

Subsequent to seeing his better half along with Joe, Pastor Dedmon purportedly shot Newburn multiple times, as indicated by police. He is being held incommunicado. Pastor Matthew Dedmon’s Wife And Children As per police, Matthew Dedmon made a trip to a café on Saturday evening to contact his better half. At the point when he showed up, he found his better half eating with Joe Newburn. Dedmon purportedly faced Newburn and said his significant other and Newburn were engaging in extramarital relations.

Pastor Matthew Dedmon Wife Age

Pastor Matthew Dedmon is 57 years old.

Pastor Matthew Dedmon Wife Family – Pastor Matthew Dedmon Wife Fast Facts

Not long before 1 p.m., officials answered a revealed shooting in the 100 block of West Church Street and found Newburn spread in the road with a few gunfire wounds, as per police. Dedmon is blamed for snatching a firearm and leaping out of his truck to face Newburn about the supposed undertaking prior to shooting him multiple times in the chest. Pastor Matthew Dedmon Is The Alleged Murderer Of His Wife’s Boyfriend Joe Newburn’s Murder In the Saturday shooting in midtown Ozark, Matthew Dedmon has been accused of first-degree murder and furnished evil act of his better half’s beau Joe Newburn.

Besides, Matthew Dedmon, 47, of Springfield, has been captured and is being confined in Christian County without bond. What’s more, Joe Newburn, 57, of Ozark, has been distinguished as the person in question. The person, who had a few gunfire wounds, was proclaimed dead at Springfield’s Cox South Hospital. The request hasn’t reached a resolution yet. Pastor Matthew Dedmon’s Arrest Details Matthew Dedmon, of Springfield, was brought into care as an individual of interest at the scene.

As per KY3-TV, Dedmon informed examiners he was a clergyman at Heritage Baptist Church in Rogersville. As per nearby news destinations, specialists found the gun utilized in the firing inside Dedmon’s vehicle. Dedmon was at last captured and accused of homicide in the primary degree and furnished criminal lead. He was being confined without bond at the Christian County Detention Center.

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