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The last episode of season 38 of The Challenge: Ride or Dies took out a strong team, which consisted of Horacio Gutierrez and Olivia Kaiser. However, their elimination process was different, as they were disqualified from the competition after Olivia was injured. In The Challenge: Ride or Dies Season 38 Episode 17, Olivia broke her nose during a challenge and was immediately sent to the hospital.

Since Horacio did not have a partner, the presenter TJ Lavin informed the player that his team had been eliminated. In an interview with Variety, Olivia stated that she was “traumatized” by the incident, as it led to her disqualification from the show. She said:

Olivia Kaiser Age

Olivia Kaiser was 30 years old.

Incident Detail

The Challenge: Ride or Dies season 38 episode 17 was the first day of the competition finale, which was to be filmed for three days in a row. Unfortunately, Olivia Kaiser was injured on Day 1 and was eliminated along with her partner Horacio.

Before injuring herself with a golf ball, she had injured her finger. She had the tip of her finger ripped off and she claimed that her bone had also taken a hit. Despite her first injury, Olivia continued to challenge her. However, she later broke her nose and was sent to the hospital.

Explaining her injury during an interview with Variety, the former Love Island star said: Olivia mentioned that she used to have flashbacks every time she looked in the mirror after the incident. Although she felt bad that she and Horace couldn’t finish the challenge, she was mortified to realize that she went through the pain because of a reality show.

However, if she is given the chance, she Olivia will return to The Challenge and redeem herself. While Olivia was in the ambulance, Horace assured her that he would complete her challenge for her. However, TJ Lavin let the contestant know that she could not continue with the show as her ride-or-die partner left due to injury.

Horacio tried to negotiate, but the producers did not allow it. Thus, The Challenge: Ride or Dies season 38 episode 17 witnessed Horace leaving empty-handed with tears in his eyes. After the heartbreaking ending, the final teams were Jordan and Aneesa, Bananas and Nany, and Devin and Tori. The three teams will continue the final competition over the next two episodes.

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