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Jeffrey Epstein’s former cellmate, a former police officer who sold steroids, was found guilty on Thursday of the drug- and debt-related execution killings of four Mexican men in April 2016. Nicholas Tartaglione, a 55-year-old former Briarcliff Manor Police Department officer who retired allegedly due to an injury in 2008, was a cop-turned-federal defendant who was found guilty of luring Martin Luna to a meeting in 2016.

With his 25- and 35-year-old nephews Miguel Luna and Urbano Santiago, as well as his 43-year-old friend Hector Gutierrez, Luna, 41, went to a pub. In front of his family and friend, Martin Luna was killed by being strangled. The three surviving victims were then brought to Tartaglione’s property in Otisville, New York, where they were each given a headshot. In a “mass grave,” all of the victims were laid to rest.

Nicholas Tartaglione Age

Nicholas Tartaglione is 51 years old.

Nicholas Tartaglione Incident Detail

The drug-dealing Tartaglione mercilessly murdered “beloved fathers, husbands, brothers, and sons,” according to U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York Damian Williams, after assuming Martin Luna had stolen money intended to buy cocaine. “Tartaglione then came up with a plan to challenge Martin during a meeting. Martin sadly invited his two nephews, Miguel and Urbano, as well as a family friend, Hector, to the meeting without realising he was being drawn into a terrible trap.

The events that followed were pure dread, the chief prosecutor claimed, as Tartaglione tormented Martin and then made one of his nephews watch as he strangled Martin with a zip-tie. The three victims, who were merely in the wrong place at the wrong time, were then taken to a remote forested area by Tartaglione and two of his friends, forced to kneel, and shot in the back of the head to death.

Later, Tartaglione interred all four victims collectively in a grave. Given that Tartaglione was a former police officer who had sworn to safeguard the very neighbourhood he now terrorizes, his horrible deeds signal a larger betrayal, Williams continued. Tartaglione was found guilty of these atrocious offences by a jury today, demonstrating that no one is above the law.

Williams concluded by thanking the detectives who worked on the protracted case and the families of the victims for their trust despite Tartaglione’s betrayal of the public and the badge. Since the former officer and Jeffrey Epstein were imprisoned together in July 2019, Tartaglione’s story has intermittently made headlines. Tartaglione was Epstein’s cellmate, which the authorities formally admitted following Epstein’s initial claimed suicide attempt.

Memorably, the DOJ informed Tartaglione’s attorney in July 2019 that the footage from outside the cell “no longer exists.” Epstein passed himself alone at the Metropolitan Correctional Center two weeks later, according to the official suicide report, despite a “explicit directive” that he have a cellmate.Tartaglione said that after the initial hanging attempt, he actually informed the jail staff, saving Epstein.

The video from the disputed night wasn’t kept, but Bruce Barket, his attorney, said in the media that he was “pleased” to learn that. The attorney added that despite not sharing a cell for very long, Tartaglione and Epstein developed a friendship. At the time, Barket told the New York Daily News, “They became more than cordial.” They grew close over their little time together.In 2023, Barket is still defending Tartaglione and maintains that the charges against him were unjustified.

Mr. Tartaglione told NBC News that he wouldn’t give up fighting until he was free. This is merely the beginning of the next stage, which is the appellate courts. According to CBS New York, Tartaglione’s trial in White Plains took three weeks, and the jury’s deliberations took two days.

In a story on the conviction, CBS mentioned that Tartaglione’s defence team cited Joseph Biggs and Gerard Benderoth as alleged participants in the investigation in an effort to raise doubt about the case’s validity.According to the Rockland/Westchester Journal News, Biggs testified during Tartaglione’s trial; Benderoth committed suicide in 2017 as the FBI closed in.

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