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Superstar Tommy Lee had uploaded a nude image of himself showing off his genitals on Instagram, which he recently revealed was due to a drunken stupor. The 59-year-old drummer spoke to fans about the photo at the band’s performance of him in San Antonio, Texas on Monday, August 22.

“Couple weeks ago we had like two weeks off from touring and I went on a fucking spree bro. A fucking spree! I turned on my side f**k stripped and posted pics of my s**t a,” he told the audience. He then urged the other men in the crowd to show off their own penises. “Usually I want to say that I’m a sexy man so I like to see boobs. But tonight, tonight is an equal opportunity night! Tonight I want to see everyone’s dick! Come on!” Guys, get your shit out!”

Musician Tommy Lee Age

Musician Tommy Lee is 59 years old.

Incident Detail

The person who initially accepted his offer eventually backed down. Tommy pointed at him and said, “Get your fucking trash out, come on! Are you ready? My man in the pink shirt, he’s got a pink shirt on, he’s ready to get his dick out! Show the whole world that damn hot dog!” The wife says no!? Divorce!

Tommy shocked his followers in early August when he shared a completely nude photo of himself sitting on what appeared to be the edge of a bathtub. In the now-deleted photo, he can be seen flashing his penis to his Instagram followers while sporting only a silver chain and nipple piercings. The post was captioned as “Ooooopppsss

One follower commented: “TOMMY HANGS UP THE PHONE NOW.” while another wrote: “Looks like a relaxing bath!” Queer dating app Grindr commented on the post: “Wrong app babe.” Tommy’s post received several other comments such as “How long will this keep up?” and “TOM, YOU CAN’T POST THIS ON INSTAGRAM.”

He laughed at his own post by following it up with an image of an elephant swinging its trunk at him while he looked at a naked man. The post was captioned, “How do you breathe through that little thing?” referring to the size of Tommy’s penis.

Tommy first gained notoriety as a drummer for Mötley Crüe, but his marriage to Baywatch star Pamela Anderson catapulted him into stardom. The couple made a sex tape that went viral in 1995. He divorced Pamela in 1998. After his romance with Pamela was recreated on the television series ‘Pam & Tommy’, the star gained a new fandom. While he lent his blessing to the miniseries chronicling his turbulent marriage and the sex tape of him stolen from him, his ex-wife was not happy with his raunchy biography.

In his 2005 autobiography, ‘Tommyland,’ Tommy revealed that he had a long argument with his genitals about falling in love with Pamela. The sequence was recreated in Pam and Tommy on Disney+, where Sebastian Stan played the role of the superstar. Lily James plays Pamela. Many puppeteers were employed for the graphic sequence in Pam & Tommy, with Jason Mantzoukas providing the voice for Tommy’s genitalia. Stan previously revealed that to prepare for the role of Tommy, he went through the rocker’s autobiography, watched countless videos, talked to him on the phone and took drum lessons.

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