Who is Momo and Kayla B? Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Incident Detail

Momo and Kayla B Wiki – Momo and Kayla B Biography

Social media users can’t stop laughing after a now-viral internet video shows rapper Yung Miami’s best friend Momo getting into a fistfight with King Von’s sister Kayla B once again. A video posted by the Twitter handle @TNHTalk showed the two women fighting inside what appears to be a bathroom.

Momo was wearing a pink outfit while Kayla appears to be wearing a green outfit in the clip. They both seem to be hitting each other. The reason behind the fight is still unclear, but several Twitter users came out and reacted to the now-viral video with one person writing: “This is how I’ll be fighting in my dreams, they need to wake up!”

Momo and Kayla B Age

Kayla B is 27 years old.

Incident Detail

“Girl, I wish I was still fighting someone after my baby, she would be somewhere fighting for her life. The happy girl fought back at least,” added another. Someone pointed out, “I mean she at least pinched Kayla this time, but Bffr Kayla got her.” “Momo did better this time, but everyone knows for sure that none of her punches connected. don’t lie because everyone doesn’t like Kayla.

Momo just had more strength and control this time,” added another. “It’s the bathroom fight like in hs,” another user commented. Meanwhile, this wasn’t the first time Momo and Kayla had had a fight. In February 2022, another clip of them fighting in a parking lot went viral. At the time, several users on social media thought the argument was a consequence of their allegedly complicated love affairs, as Momo was dating Kayla’s ex-boyfriend.

In the parking lot, Kayla was seen pushing Momo towards the cars as she tried to attack her. “Get this bitch off me!” Momo yelled. Kayla was also seen hitting her and pulling her hair out of her as bystanders tried to break them up. Shortly after the videos were released, Momo and Kayla also began teasing each other on their individual Twitter accounts. Kayla said at the time: “I was at my son’s soccer practice being picked on.

She wasn’t supposed to be there, her son lives in Miami. I didn’t fight for a black!!!!! She and he have been on FISTA talking shit and pestering me for weeks! They both came to my son’s soccer practice trying to be funny they dumped that nigga on me 4 months AGO! While Momo punched Kaya saying, “I don’t give a fuck, I’m not a sumo wrestler. I haven’t had a fight in 10 years, bitch I don’t care. Assault and battery bitch. I am a princess.”

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