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In March 2015, Mitchelle Blair left her Detroit, Michigan apartment after being served with an eviction notice. When the 36th District Court team was cleaning the apartment, they found two bodies placed inside the freezer.They were Blair’s children who had been in the freezer for almost three years.

She was the one who killed her own children because they allegedly abused her youngest child. The mother was ultimately arrested and convicted of first degree murder and is currently serving her sentence at the Huron Valley Correctional Center in Michigan.

Mitchelle Blair Age

Mitchelle Blair is 43 years old.

Incident Dteail

The chilling story of Michigan woman Mitchelle Blair will be detailed in Investigation Discovery’s true crime series Evil Lives Here. The episode titled I Made It Out Alive will air on January 29. The 35-year-old mother, Mitchelle Blair, has been asked to vacate her apartment for non-payment of her rent.

According to reports, she asked her relatives for money when she was unable to pay her dues and hold a steady job. She owned $2,206 in the apartment complex in which she lived. It was at that time that the court sent an eviction notice and asked her to leave her apartment.

After she left, the 36th District Court team entered her apartment to remove her furniture. While they were cleaning out the freezer, they found two corpses wrapped in a plastic sheet. It wasn’t a long chase to catch Blair. She confessed to the police that she had killed her children because they were turning into “demons”.

She told the police that her sons were sexually abusing her youngest son, so she killed them. In August 2012, Blair returned home to find her youngest son, Matthew, using dolls to stimulate sexual activity. When she asked about him, she quickly confessed that her older brother, Stephen, often sexually abused him.

The enraged mother confronted Stephen about it and he confessed too. During the trial, Mitchelle told police: After learning what Stephen had been doing with Matthew, Blair allegedly began torturing him in the most inhumane of ways. She confessed to pouring hot water on his genitals and letting the skin peel off. The mother then proceeded to force Stephen to drink Index before strangling him with a belt.

A few months after killing Stephen, Blair allegedly found out that her daughter, Stoni, was raping her youngest son, so she decided to starve Stoni to death before beating her to death in May 2013. According to Mitchelle, she wanted to confess everything to the police, but Matthew didn’t want to let his mother go, so he decided to place Stoni’s body on top of Stephen’s in the freezer.

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