Michelle Buteau Husband: Who is Survival of the Thickest Comedian Michelle Buteau Married To?

Michelle Buteau with husband

Michelle Buteau, the renowned comedian known for her wit and humor, has captured the hearts of audiences worldwide. Beyond her comedic prowess, fans are often curious about her personal life, particularly her relationship with her husband. In this article, we delve into the life of Michelle Buteau’s husband, Gijs van der Most.

Michelle Buteau with husband
Michelle Buteau with husband

Michelle Buteau Husband

Michelle Buteau and her husband, photographer Gijs van der Most, have shared a loving relationship spanning over 13 years. The couple exchanged vows in July 2010, embarking on a journey filled with love and laughter. Their union was blessed with twins, Hazel and Otis, born in September 2019 via surrogate.

Buteau, in her candid revelations, shared her journey to parenthood. After facing challenges with in vitro fertilization (IVF), her husband, Gijs van der Most, encouraged her to consider surrogacy. Buteau expressed her gratitude towards her husband, stating, “My husband said, ‘You know, I want you back. You are so unhappy and just physically wrecked.’”

Gijs van der Most, hailing from the Netherlands, has made a name for himself as a talented photographer. His journey in photography began in 2008, after completing his studies in photographic design at The Utrecht School for Arts. Since then, his work has been featured in esteemed publications such as PEOPLE, Esquire, and Men’s Health.

In addition to his photography career, Van der Most co-owns a furniture business, Van der Most Modern, with Buteau. The company, based in Bushwick, New York, offers a curated collection of furniture and décor sourced from the Netherlands.

Michelle Buteau And Husbnad
Michelle Buteau and Husbnad Gijs van der Most

The couple celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary in 2020, marking a decade of love and companionship. Buteau, reflecting on their journey, shared a heartfelt message on social media, reaffirming the significance of love in their lives

Michelle Buteau‘s husband, Gijs van der Most, stands as a supportive partner and loving father, enriching their lives with his presence. As the couple continues to navigate life’s adventures together, their bond serves as an inspiration, reminding us of the power of love and resilience.

Michelle Buteau and Gijs van der Most’s story is a testament to the beauty of love, family, and partnership, captivating audiences both on and off the stage.

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