Brooke Goldstein Husband: Is Brooke Goldstein Married?

IS Brooke Goldstein Married

When it comes to the personal lives of prominent figures, curiosity often piques, and Brooke Goldstein, a notable Canadian lawyer, is no exception. Among the many inquiries, one of the most common revolves around her marital status and her husband. Let’s delve into the details surrounding Brooke Goldstein’s husband and whether she is indeed married.

IS Brooke Goldstein Married
IS Brooke Goldstein Married

Brooke Goldstein Husband

The relationship between Ms. Brooke’s husband, Gary Goldstein, and Ms. Lazaro — they have two daughters — is also so amicable that even when they were divorced in 1990 they did not dissolve their business partnership. He is the chief executive of the Whitney Group, a Wall Street recruiting and search firm, and Ms.

IS Brooke Goldstein Married?

Brooke Goldstein and Matthew Simon tied the knot in April 2013, marking the beginning of a partnership that complements Brooke’s endeavors in the legal and advocacy realms. The couple’s marriage is a testament to their commitment to each other, evident in their shared journey through life’s ups and downs.

In addition to their partnership, Brooke and Matthew are proud parents to two daughters, further enriching their family life. The couple’s dedication to maintaining a strong family unit amidst their professional commitments is admirable and serves as an inspiration to many.

Brooke Goldstein’s Professional Accomplishments

Beyond her marital status, Brooke Goldstein is celebrated for her significant contributions to the legal and advocacy realms. As the Founder and Executive Director of The Lawfare Project, she has been instrumental in combating legal warfare against Israel and promoting human rights.

Additionally, her hosting of the program “Outspoken” on the Jewish Broadcasting Service (JBS) further amplifies her voice and impact in the realm of media and advocacy.

Brooke Goldstein, the esteemed Canadian lawyer and advocate, is indeed married to Matthew Simon, contrary to certain misconceptions surrounding her marital status. With a career marked by a dedication to human rights and legal advocacy, Brooke Goldstein continues to inspire many with her work.

Brooke Goldstein’s Marriage

There have been erroneous claims suggesting that Brooke Goldstein is married to Gary Goldstein. However, this information is inaccurate. Gary Goldstein, known as the chief executive of the Whitney Group, a Wall Street recruiting and search firm, was married to another woman named Ms. Lazaro.

The divorce between Gary Goldstein and Ms. Lazaro in 1990 did not dissolve their business partnership, indicating an amicable relationship between the former couple.

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