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In May 2017, Broadwater County Deputy Mason Moore was shot and killed in the line of duty by father-son duo Lloyd and Marshall Barrus, who held anti-government views, during a late-night traffic stop. . Moore, married and father of three, was found riddled with bullets. The shooting incident led to a high-speed pursuit as authorities spotted the perpetrators and pursued them for at least 30 miles east of Missoula, where a shootout ensued.

Marshall Barrus was fatally shot while Lloyd was arrested. He was eventually charged and convicted of the crime. Lloyd and Marshall Barrus, an anti-police and anti-government father-son duo, were reportedly on a “suicide mission” in the early morning hours of May 16, 2017. They passed Deputy Sheriff Mason Moore, 42, on US 287 south of Townsend at 100 mph to provoke him.

Mason Moore Age

Mason Moore is 38 years old.

Incident Detail

Lloyd Barrus was driving the car, a Chevy Suburban, while his daughter Marshall rode with the shotgun. Marshall Barrus then opened fire on Deputy Moore’s vehicle during the botched traffic stop. He fired at least three shots at the officer when one struck the windshield, passed through it and struck him in the head, critically wounding him in the process and causing his car to stop on the grass just south of Three Forks.

The perpetrators then made a U-turn and returned to the police car about four minutes later and fired another round of shots at the wounded Moore. He was shot at least 19 more times, killing him. Marshall and Lloyd then fled the scene.

At the time of the incident, the victim had been in law enforcement for a total of 15 years, including three years with the Broadwater County Sheriff’s Office. He was married to his wife Jodi and was the father of twin boys and a daughter. About an hour later, Butte-Silver Bow police saw the Suburban speeding on I-90 and a 90-mile chase ensued, culminating in a shooting in Missoula County.

Even though two Butte troopers were disconnected during the pursuit by bullets fired from the Suburban, police officers and police officers from multiple counties were already on the scene.

Once the tires of the perpetrators’ cars were destroyed using stop sticks when the vehicle stopped just inside Missoula County, miles from the crime scene, a shootout with police ensued. Marshall, 38, was fatally shot and later died, while Lloyd managed to avoid injury and was eventually taken into custody the same morning Deputy Mason Moore was killed.

The trial was delayed because Lloyd Barrus was previously facing the death penalty before being judged unfit to stand trial. Barrus received antipsychotic medication by injection, and in January 2020, the Montana Supreme Court upheld the mandatory medication order.

In September 2021, a jury in Butte finally convicted him of two counts of attempted murder for a high-speed chase and shooting, as well as manslaughter for responsibility in Moore’s death. He later received life in prison without the possibility of parole for his involvement in the 2017 shooting death of Broadwater County Deputy Mason Moore.

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