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There was much emotion at a candlelight vigil Monday night in Alderson for a mother of five who police say was killed by her newlywed husband. Family and friends of Marrisa Dawson (Marissa Mann-Bennett) came together to remember her life.

Dawson died Friday morning after what police describe as an all-night beating at an Alderson residence. Investigators charged Zach Dawson, 34, of Alderson, with murder. According to a criminal complaint, Dawson admitted to killing Marissa Dawson during a violent argument that began Thanksgiving night and lasted until early Friday morning.

Marissa Dawson Age

Marissa Dawson was 45 years old.

Marissa Dawson Cause of Death

Marissa Dawson’s bloody body was found by a friend at 9 a.m. of Friday. Police said Marissa Dawson suffered significant facial trauma. Blood was found throughout the residence on both the second floor and basement, according to the criminal complaint.

Investigators said it also appeared that Marissa’s body was “thrown around the residence and struck what appeared to be her head on various items in the residence.” Police allege that after Zach Dawson changed his wife’s clothes and attempted to clean the residence, he drove off in his car. Police found him later Friday along US Route 219 in Lewisburg.

According to the criminal complaint, Dawson “admitted to being responsible for her death and takes responsibility for it.” Dawson told police that he hit his wife during the argument. “Zachary Hess Dawson informed the officer that he killed his wife,” the criminal complaint says.

“The subject stated that after hitting his wife he fainted and when he came to he knew he was wrong. The subject admitted that he changed her clothes to have clean clothes ”. Greenbrier County Attorney Patrick Via told MetroNews Monday that the investigation is in its early stages.

He said Zach Dawson’s statement to police won’t stop authorities from finding out what happened. frankly,” Via said. He said there is a lot of physical evidence, including blood and clothing. “It is my understanding that there was a very significant amount of blood at the scene, as well as articles of clothing that were collected by investigators,” Via said.

The investigation will also include investigating the history of the relationship between Zach and Marrisa Dawson. They were married on October 24, a month before her death occurred. “It’s extremely early,” Via said, describing the researchers’ work. “All of those facts have been or will be collected by the investigators and provided to me through briefings, as well as through a full written report of the investigation.”

Dawson is in the Southern Regional Jail without bond. According to the Facebook posts, Marissa Dawson was the mother of five children, including a son who was born in August. She worked as a housekeeper at the Greenbrier Resort.

A news release from the Alderson Police Department said the children were not home at the time of the beating. They spent the night at a friend’s house. Via said four law enforcement agencies are working together on the investigation, including Alderson police, Lewisburg police, state police and the Greenbrier County Sheriff’s Department.

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