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Margorie Holland, who was with the Texas National Guard, was strangled to death in March 2013 when she was 15 weeks pregnant. The unborn child of her mother-to-be also died with her at that time. Initially, detectives believed Margorie’s death was an accident, as she was found at the bottom of the stairs at her Apple Valley, Minnesota home, which she shared with her then-husband, Roger Holland.

It looked as if Margorie had fallen to her death. However, a subsequent investigation revealed a web of lies concocted by Roger before evidence emerged of a complicated marriage between the two. An upcoming episode of Fatal Vows on ID will revisit the tragic murder case of Margorie Holland on Tuesday, February 14, 2023. The synopsis reads:

Margorie Holland Age

Margorie Holland was 37 years old.

Margorie Holland  Cause of Death

The episode, titled Death Outranks Love, is scheduled to air on the channel at 7 p.m. m. ET. Margorie Holland and her husband Roger met while serving in the military and were members of the Texas National Guard. The couple resided in Apple Valley, Minnesota, and had been married for three years at the time of the incident.

Roger reportedly called 911 around 10 a.m. m. on March 7, 2013 and claimed that 37-year-old Margorie, who was 15 weeks pregnant at the time, had fallen down the stairs and was unresponsive.

Roger claimed that he had gone out to breakfast and returned to find the mother-to-be unconscious, face down and wrapped in a blanket at the bottom of the stairs. Additionally, he claimed that he turned her over and administered CPR before calling 911.

Margorie Holland was immediately transported to Fairview Ridges Hospital, where, at around 11:30 a.m., she and her unborn child were pronounced dead. Authorities initially believed that she had fallen down the stairs, given the state in which Margorie Holland’s body was found.

However, a subsequent autopsy revealed that her thyroid cartilage was ruptured, including some blood vessels in her eyes, suggesting strangulation and not a fall down the stairs. The victim was also covered in multiple scratches and bruises, including a black eye, scraped arms, and bruised knees and elbows.

She also had dried blood on her nose. In light of these new findings, the case was officially ruled a homicide. Officials also noticed fresh scratches on Roger’s face and neck the day they responded to the 911 call, which he tried to explain away by saying his wife accidentally scratched him while he was having cramps.

Authorities also discovered that Margorie and Roger Holland’s marriage was falling apart and that they were in debt. Additionally, deleted messages from Roger’s phone revealed that the night before the murder, Margorie had sent him a text saying that she was planning to divorce him.

Other deleted messages recovered from her phone reportedly showed “numerous arguments” between the couple, in which Margorie complained about recurring problems in their relationship: The reports further indicated that both Internet search histories were examined: Margorie’s she revealed that she was searching for safe abortions while Roger had searched to see if someone could break her neck if she passed out and fell from the top of the stairs.

Also, during the initial stages of the investigation, Roger told authorities that he had gone to Taco Bell to get her food, but he ended up going to McDonald’s after she texted him while she was driving. The text messages were found on her phone, but both messages were sent before surveillance footage showed Roger Holland leaving his apartment.

Roger Holland was arrested shortly thereafter and charged with two counts of first degree murder in connection with the death of Margorie Holland and two counts of second degree murder in the death of his unborn child. He was convicted of both charges and received two consecutive life sentences without the possibility of parole that same year.

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