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Prosecutors said a great-grandmother was raped and killed while walking on a trail close to her house in Oil City, Pennsylvania, by a man who had previously been convicted of sex offences. Following a 12-hour, multi-jurisdictional search that involved more than 100 trained first responders after Marcy Suzette Nellis, 76, went missing on March 27, her body was discovered the following day along a trail close to the Clarion University Venango campus along the Alleghany River, according to the Oil City Fire Union on Facebook. According to the Venango County District Attorney’s Office, David Allen Bosely was caught a week later and charged with manslaughter, forcible rape, aggravated indecent assault, kidnapping, and misuse of a body.

Marcy Suzette Nellis Age

Marcy Suzette Nellis was 76 years old.

Marcy Suzette Nellis Cause of Death

According to an autopsy performed in Erie County, Nellis died asphyxiated by hand strangulation, and the victim had been sexually abused. From the evidence gathered, which included a rape kit and shoe prints discovered at the crime site, Bosely “became a person of immediate interest,” according to the prosecution.

According to the criminal complaint, further photos showed areas of thick vegetation and debris along the hillside leading to the Allegheny River, where Nellis was eventually discovered. The suspect’s home was promptly placed under surveillance over the weekend, and Bosely was taken into prison on Thursday.

The Venango County District Attorney’s office stated in a news release that the Erie Crime Lab prioritised this investigation for the protection of our community over the weekend. While she was speaking with authorities, he allegedly denied “touching that woman” and having “anything to do” with Nellis’s demise, according to Explore Venango.

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