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An Iowa teenager has been accused of defrauding hundreds of people by lying about her cancer diagnosis. Madison Marie Russo, 19, allegedly lied about her cancer diagnosis and stole money from 439 Good Samaritans who had given it to her to help with “her treatment” of her. lymphoblastic leukemia, along with a football-sized tumor on his spine.

Police had obtained medical records from all the places Russo had been a patient only to discover that she was never treated for cancer. Russo was arrested on Monday, January 23, 2023, after medical professionals reported that the teen’s claims were false and that she had lied to defraud donors. They concluded by noting the irregularities in her claims, such as the wires and tubes in her ‘chemo’ TikTok video.

Madison Marie Russo Age

Madison Marie Russo is 19 years old.

Incident Dteail

Russo was stealing photos from the social media accounts of those suffering from cancer and passing them off as his own, Daily Mail reported. The teenager had claimed that her cancer story had begun when she received a call informing her of her diagnosis in the middle of a class at St Ambrose’s University. She allegedly had been waiting for a call for a test she had done for bloody stools, nosebleeds and fever.

“It was early in the morning and she had been anxiously awaiting the results of these tests,” she said, adding, “My phone rang and it said ‘Iowa City Oncology.’ I left the classroom and answered the call.” She then adds: “I was terrified, I definitely still am. I was in shock. I didn’t think it could be true. I am very young and I was wondering how this could happen. I went through all the emotions and was pretty numb.” She had claimed that the surgery had been ruled out because it was too risky.

Russo has claimed that between February and October 2022, she had undergone 15 rounds of chemotherapy and 90 rounds of radiation. Russo is scheduled to be arraigned on Thursday, March 2. Authorities reported that Russo had stolen money from 439 donors, including cancer foundations, private citizens, and school districts and universities. A GoFundMe page was also posted, where $37,303 has been raised as of Thursday, January 19.

Police have stated that footage of Russo’s treatment at a doctor’s office was filmed from the apartment of a friend of hers. GoFundMe was quick to issue a statement and removed the fundraiser from its platform, according to 97x. “GoFundMe has a zero tolerance policy for misuse of our platform and cooperates with law enforcement investigations of those accused of wrongdoing. All donors have been refunded and we have removed this fundraiser. The organizer was also banned from using the platform on the future. platform.

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