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A Polish woman has gone viral claiming she could be Madeleine McCann, the missing British girl who vanished from a Portuguese resort when she was three years old in 2007. According to a former police chief in Portugal, he would be “disappointed” if the missing girl turned out to be the 21-year-old Polish woman who is set to take a DNA test to prove her claims.

Julia Wendell told her online followers, who have skyrocketed since she made her claim, that the McCanns had reached out to her. to take a DNA test. If true, then the McCanns believe there is enough facial similarity and evidence to warrant such a test, despite their apparent two-year age difference. Madeline McCann would be 19 years old right now if she were alive.

Madeleine McCann Age

Madeleine McCann was 19 years old.

Madeleine McCann  Cause of Death

Vitor Paiva once led the Judicial Police force in Setúbal, south of Lisbon, but he is not believed to have taken an active part in the search for Madeleine McCann when she disappeared in 2007, according to the Irish Mirror. But he went on the prestigious television network CMTV to proclaim that he hoped Julia was not the missing Madeleine, as it would refute State Attorney Wolters’ claim that the girl is dead and that Christian Brueckner is responsible for her abduction. . “

It would be saying that the state prosecutor, who deserves credit for the profession he exercises, has ended up deceiving us,” Paiva said. Paiva, who is a frequent television commentator after retiring, also expressed skepticism about Julia’s claims, stating that he thought the police would have contacted her at this point if he believed he was telling the truth.

Despite calling her story “outlandish”, especially given that Madeleine would now be 19 instead of 21, he argued that a rapid DNA test was the obvious next step after the “millions already spent investigating” the death of the British teenager May 3, 2007. Disappearance.

The Daily Beast was informed this week by a source that Gerry and Kate McCann, whose 3-year-old daughter Madeleine disappeared during a holiday in Portugal more than 15 years ago, are investigating Julia Faustyna’s claims that she is the kidnapped girl. The crux of Wendell’s physical resemblance “proof” is McCann’s rare eye disorder, which Wendell claims to share. A coloboma abnormality in McCann’s right eye was used as an important identifying feature when she went missing.

Wendell, who claims that she is in her right mind, has said that she is not sure who she is and has few childhood memories of her. Her father, mother and grandmother are said to have “rejected” Wendell for claiming to be McCann and refused to undergo DNA testing or provide her birth certificate, according to Globalnews.

Christian Brueckner, 45, a native of Germany, is the sole suspect in the disappearance. He is currently serving a seven-year sentence in Germany for raping an American woman in her seventies. Years after McCann’s disappearance, he was found with child pornography.

He also kept the girls’ bathing suits and clothes in his motorhome, which he once bragged about that she could carry children or drugs without detection. Although he has been charged with various sex crimes, he has not yet been charged in McCann’s disappearance, Marca reported.

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