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Speaking on Jamie Laing‘s Private Parts podcast, model Lottie Moss revealed that she started looking at porn at the age of 11. The 24-year-old called the discovery at such a young age “toxic”. Lottie, who is the half-sister of supermodel Kate Moss, confessed that she would watch adult content on her iPod Touch. “She was really young, she had an iPod touch and she used to watch porn on it.

She used to write ‘girls kissing girls,’ that was the first time I did it. She was probably like 11. She was young.” she said, as reported by LadBible. Lottie, who is currently a prominent OnlyFans content creator, was drawn to the explicit material because the kids at her school also indulged in similar shenanigans. “I found out I was masturbating pretty young, and I think finding porn that young was pretty toxic.

Lottie Moss Age

Lottie Moss is 24 years old.

Incident Detail

I felt a lot of pressure because all the boys in school were watching porn. Men grow up watching porn, but that’s not how sex is,” she continued. . “I meet pornstars now, and I do OnlyFans. Talking to them, they say everything is fake, everything is staged. I’m sorry to break everyone’s hearts.”Lottie revealed more about her adolescence, saying, “I had sex really early. I had a lot of sex when I was 15, 16. And now I’m like, ‘I can’t be bothered.'”

The model also credited the rehab treatment she underwent earlier this year for her cocaine addiction as “the best thing she’s ever done” for her mental health. Lottie revealed that she had been hiding her battle with depression from her before her mother and her best friend encouraged her to seek professional help, according to DailyMail. She said: “I didn’t realize she had depression for a long time.

I just thought everyone felt this way…and I thought one just got over it,” she continued. “I couldn’t get out of bed in the morning. I stopped modeling; I was doing some OnlyFans but not really. I didn’t recognize myself. I always wanted to be the fun one, and then it got to the point where my mom and best friend came up to me and They told me, “You need rehab because you’re so depressed.”

“I had never really talked about my true feelings about things,” she added. “You have to tell people how you feel, whether it’s your therapist, your parents or your friends. Talking about things you’ve been through is very important because if you don’t, you can’t heal, you can’t.” Never get over it, it just rots in your brain. And then you start blaming yourself for things. It’s a poison.” Lottie was checked into a class A drug dependency at the rehab facility. The TikToker also claimed on the podcast that she has been clean for 18 days.

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