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Lorena Aviles and Natalie Wiki – Lorena Aviles and Natalie  Biography

Nicolás Hernández-Jaimes fatally shot five people, including Lorena “Lori” Avilés and her daughter, Natalie. The other victims include Monica Delgado, 38, Miguel Avila, 15, and Natalie Avila, 14, according to the Texas Ranger around 8 a.m. Thursday, Sept. 29. Hernandez-Jaimes was reportedly shot by McGregor police before he was taken into custody and later taken to the hospital. Now, the families of the victims have paid tribute and revealed harrowing details about the victims. Lori’s sister-in-law, Renee Flores, told The US Sun that the night before the shooting, the entire family was celebrating a birthday with music, dancing, games and stories.

During her interview with the outlet, Flores said: “The world needs to know that this guy took two beautiful souls. They were two beautiful people who took each other too soon. They loved God and they were very strong.” Lori lost her husband, Mike Aviles, two years ago to cancer. Flores revealed that Natalie was a 20-year-old back-to-back “Miss McGregor” pageant winner while she was preparing to be a doctor. Flores explained, “Natalie was known for her banana bread, and she used it as a fundraiser to raise money to give to a family that lost their sole provider (financial) of hers. Natalie had big dreams.” Inmate records explain that the shooter was arrested and charged with felony aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Lorena Aviles and Natalie Age

Lorena Aviles was 47 years old and Natalie was 20 years old.

Lorena Aviles and Natalie Cause of Death

Flores reflected on Lori’s service to the community as an associate pastor at her church. She explained how Lori went back to school to get a better job to support her family, saying, “Everything goes back to giving, and they’re not rich. They just always wanted to give. When my brother was battling cancer, we leaned into the American Cancer Society because they didn’t have health insurance.

After my brother passed away, that motivated Natalie to become a board member of the cancer society. They raised money to give back to the American Cancer Society so that the organization can help another family. MEAWW previously reported Lori’s brother Leon Olvera’s statement on Facebook: ”

A coward with a gun took my sister and my beautiful niece’s life just for being out of her own house. This feels like a bad dream, but our family is strong and we will remain.” strong for you sister. I am heartbroken right now because I will never see you beautiful smiles again.”

McGregor ISD Superintendent James Lenamon said in a message as reported by The Sun: “Rumors abound about what appears to be a horrific tragedy in our community. . There was a domestic disturbance that resulted in a shooting at McGregor this morning. As a result of that shooting, MISD ‘locked out’ for about 15 minutes. Once we received a go-ahead from MPD, the lockdown was lifted.”

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