Who is Lola, Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos? Wiki, Biography, Age, Family, Incident Detail

Lola, Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos Wiki – Lola, Kelly Ripa and Mark ConsuelosĀ  Biography

Kelly Ripa was reunited with her daughter years later and couldn’t resist sharing her feelings on Instagram. Lola, an A-list singer, moved away from home to improve her career prospects, but now she’s back with her famous parents in London. The series of stories shared by ‘The Live with Kelly and Ryan’ star sees her 21-year-old daughter reading Kelly’s recently released autobiography ‘Live Wire,’ where she shares instances from all spheres of her life, including her early days as presenter. family, and much more.

Among the shared photos, Lola can be seen flipping through the pages of the book, and with an animated reaction. Kelly captioned the image, “Juicy,” and in another, she wrote, “Missed my little girl more than words can describe.” The loving mother of three had previously spoken out about Lola’s version of some of the stories she described. In an interview with the Daily Mail, Kelly shared that Lola was surprised that her mother didn’t walk out of the show with drama in her early days.

Lola, Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos Age

Lola is 21 years old, Kelly Ripa is 52 years old and Mark Consuelos is 51 years old.

Incident Detail

“My daughter really said ‘Why? Why didn’t you quit?’ And I said, ‘Because we don’t quit when the going gets tough. [Most] people don’t have the option to quit when the going gets tough and that’s not how I was raised,'” he told Lola, according to Hello. . She added: “That’s not how I’m raising you. We don’t quit just because things are hard, because things don’t feel right. That’s what work is.

That’s why they don’t call it a vacation. I’m not saying I’m quitting.” vacation. I say I’m going to work,”
The book has excited fans and there have been interesting reactions since its release in September, reports Hello. Her other two children have followed in her mother’s footsteps and are dedicated to their chosen career.

Kelly has a son, Michael, 24, and an inspiring actor, Joaquin, 19, who is studying at the University of Michigan and has a keen interest in wrestling. When asked during the Daily Mail interview how she raised her children, Kelly said, “We want to raise productive people who are thoughtful and selfless.” The star further added, “I wanted to raise good, caring, generous, thoughtful people who are professional, educated, who don’t expect the world to deliver.”

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