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Prior to July 7, 2014, Lindsey Rogers-Seitz, a mother of three, and her family, including her husband, Kyle, were living a happy life. In her recently released memoir, “The Gift of Ben,” Rogers-Seitz has provided details of the incident that resulted in the death of her young son.Benjamin, a 15-month-old son of the couple’s, was left in the back seat of the family’s Jeep Cherokee for eight hours on 7 July when Kyle, a former software engineer, neglected to drop him off at nursery and instead drove to his workplace, according to the Daily Mail.

The hospital declared Benjamin dead from heat. After being pursued by the media, rumours, and child protective services, Rogers-Seitz and Kyle were compelled to move to Colorado. Kyle was held responsible for the criminal negligence homicide. In order to concentrate on raising their two girls, Roger-Seitz gave up her job as a lawyer. Despite everything, Kyle and Rogers-Seitz have been able to maintain their love for one another and their marriage.

Lindsey Rogers-Seitz Age

Lindsey Rogers-Seitz is 27 years old.

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Incident Detail

According to the Daily Mail, Kyle, now 44, talks about how he was able to forgive himself after “countless” mental replays of the death of his kid. Rogers-Seitz also explains how she overcame her resentment and sense of blame for her husband.

“I am deeply in love with my husband,” she declared. After all the loss and trauma, we are probably more solid now, but I would describe it as quieter. It’s probably stronger than it used to be. Calmer. more untense. more untense. Just the tiny moments, which we now really appreciate. According to the Daily Mail, she is currently residing in a house in North Carolina where they moved to be closer to her family.

Rogers-Seitz writes about her struggles with mental illness in her memoir, as well as how her family overcame the tragedy that for so long defined them. Despite “immense” pressure from Connecticut’s Department of Children and Families to take their girls and leave, she insisted that she never considered leaving her husband, according to the Daily Mail. After Ben’s death, the couple talked about how painful it was to put up with the police and child protective services’ investigations.

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