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Lindsay Clancy’s family has raised over half a million dollars in a fundraiser as people continue to reach out with their love and support for the family. Created by a family member, the fundraiser centers around father Patrick Clancy, who is going through an “unimaginable tragedy.”

The GoFundMe page was created two days ago and was able to raise over $420,000 in its first 24 hours. Donations had reached just over half a million as of Saturday morning January 28 with $553,868 raised against the goal of $700,000. Before attempting to jump out of the second-story window of her home, Lindsay strangled her 5-year-old daughter Cora Clancy and her son.

Lindsay Clancy Age

Lindsay Clancy is 32 years old.

Incident Detail

Dawson Clancy, 3 to death when her husband Patrick Clancy reportedly went out for takeout. “It was only 25 minutes during the time he was away that the unimaginable happened,” a family friend said on the John DePetro Show. Lindsay also went on a show “five days a week for PPD,” he mentioned.

Her husband was also working from home for apparent reasons and was shocked when he returned home to find the children unconscious. He then dialed 911 for help. Clancy worked as a midwife at Massachusetts General Hospital and was on leave. She is receiving medical attention at the hospital where she is being held under police protection for the triple homicide charge.

“On behalf of the extended Clancy Family, we invite you to offer your support to Patrick as he navigates an unimaginable tragedy. We appreciate your thoughts, prayers and support,” fundraiser organizer Matthew Glaser wrote on his GoFundMe page. He added: “We all know that Pat is the kindest and most genuine person. As someone who is always ready to support others, we sincerely thank you for offering yours.”

In the meantime, the donations continue to pour in along with the support and love for the family. “I am heartbroken for Patrick, Lindsay and their entire family after this terrible tragedy,” Elizabeth Michaud, one of the sponsors, wrote on the GoFundMe fundraising page. She went on to say that new mothers and couples need to be empowered to recognize these issues, “our health care system needs to do a better job of supporting new mothers.

My condolences to Patrick, Lindsay and their family and community.” unimaginable and heartbreaking tragedy. My thoughts and prayers are with the Clancy family,” Catherine Costello said. “We keep him and his extended family members in our prayers. I’m so sorry,” another donor wrote. A mother, Donna VanLeuvan, said: “My heart goes out to you and your family. I suffered from postpartum depression with both of my children.”

Sean Hutchison wrote: “As a father of 3 young children, this really hits home. Honor their amazing lives to the best of your ability. May you find strength in the days, months and years ahead. Blessings to all. Leslie Olson wrote: “My heart cry for you, Patrick, and for all the Clancy family. Trust that your three beautiful babies are your angels and will take care of you forever. God bless you and be with you.”

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