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Lesley Turner

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She and her husband Rob were told Lesley’s cancer was “incurable” and several staff at Sheffield’s Northern General and Weston Park hospitals said they had never heard of the disease before. The mother-of-one stayed strong through months of chemotherapy and she never let the doctors tell her how long she had to live.

Her devoted husband Rob told Yorkshire Live: “She had chemotherapy for about four months but she always had a smile on her face and said ‘if you don’t laugh you’ll cry’ so we tried to keep going. forward. “We knew very quickly that it was something serious. However, Lesley just smiled and said, ‘I’m still here.’

Lesley Turner Age

Lesley Turner  was 80 years old.

Lesley Turner  Cause of Death

” The 41-year-old described his late wife, explaining: “She was kind. She just found the funny side.” of things – he was just fun and brilliant to be around. “She was a genuine person, not a fake. And she always let you know how she felt.”

Angiosarcoma is an extremely rare type of cancer that develops from the cells that line blood vessels. It usually appears on the skin, breasts, internal organs, bones, and deep tissues, although it sometimes affects the heart. The couple’s love story began in Glasgow, back in 2007, when Rob was helping build a store in Iceland, where Lesley was the manager.

They immediately hit it off and started texting, before finally making it official when Lesley moved to Sheffield. They married in 2014 and welcomed son Liam eight years ago. Speaking about his son, the resilient father said: “It’s been hard for him but he has a lot of friends at school who help him and a loving family around him, but with Mother’s Day approaching and card making on the school, he’s sorry a little more.

“He’s getting over it with my help and with the help of his grandparents.” Lesley spent her last days at St Luke’s and told Rob that if she ever wanted to raise money after her death, she should donate it to the hospice. “They took such good care, not just of Lesley but of all the visitors, including me,” added Rob.

“They gave me a bed, they gave me food and drink; they took good care of everyone.” Keeping his promise to Lesley, Rob’s GoFundMe campaign has now raised nearly £4,500 for St Luke’s Hospice. The inspirational dad also plans to raise £10,000 in a golf tournament at Hillsborough Golf Club in the city on May 12.

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