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While I was horrified by his actions, my main reaction was fear for genuine rape victims. I am deeply concerned that his lies will cause lasting damage. In May 2020, Williams sparked national outrage and a racially charged protest in her hometown of Barrow-In-Furness when she posted graphic photos of herself on Facebook, claiming they had been inflicted by Asian hairdressers.

But her web of lies quickly unraveled after shocking CCTV footage showed Williams buying a hammer which she later used to injure herself. Like many others who read the disturbing details of the trial, I believe her sentence should have been longer. But what about those who are genuine victims of sexual violence.

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Eleanor Williams was 22 years old.

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Unfortunately, many rape cases end without prosecution. The number of convictions was almost halved. Only five percent of rape cases found by police in the year ending December 2021 resulted in a charge. Obviously, that has to change. But the fear of not being believed will surely make many women even more reluctant to seek justice.

Although the trial found Williams guilty, her motive is still unclear and she has shown no remorse. But the main thing to note about this story is that most women are NOT lying about the rape. While statistics on false reporting vary, they are consistently low, with Home Office research suggesting that only four per cent of sexual violence cases reported to police are false or suspected to be false.

Ultimately, this is not a rape story. It’s a story about someone clearly very mentally ill and who had experienced an unrevealed childhood trauma, which may well be the cause of her lying for attention. Despite her track record, it’s only right that Williams should be punished for such destructive false claims, and her story should serve as a warning to those tempted to lie about any wrongdoing.

But the real, and bigger, problem facing our society is not that women lie about being raped, but that the perpetrators go unpunished. Williams is a tragic figure and it’s right that she went to prison, but let’s not let this story disparage genuine victims of sexual violence. Instead, let’s remember that most women who are brave enough to report rape are telling the truth.

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