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The mother of a young boy reported missing Oct. 5 in Georgia has been arrested in connection with the boy’s disappearance and presumed death, authorities said Monday. The Chatham County Police Department, in a post on Twitter, said officers had arrested 22-year-old Leilani Simon on charges of intentional homicide, concealment of death of another person, false reporting and false statements involving to their son, Quinton Simon, 20 months.

Police Chief Jeff Hadley, at a news conference later Monday, said Simon has been the only suspect since the boy was first reported missing. “This is a heartbreaking development,” Hadley said. “From the beginning, we had hoped to find him alive and unharmed. But the evidence has always pointed to her mother and we believe her remains were found at the landfill.”

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Leilani Simon is 22 years old.

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Human remains were found in a landfill on Friday and the FBI, which assisted in the search and other aspects of the case, is working to confirm that the remains are those of the boy, Hadley said. During the search, officers reviewed 1.2 million pounds of trash over a 30-day period, police adding that the FBI says landfill searches are only successful 5 percent of the time. The Brunswick offices said full confirmation of the remains may still take days.

“What happened to this child should not happen to anyone, much less to someone who should be his protector,” he added. Hadley said Simon was transported to the Chatham County Detention Center, where she will await a bond hearing. Simon did not have a phone number listed and it was not known Monday if she had an attorney who could speak on her behalf.

Court records show she represented herself in two civil cases filed since March involving custody of her children and child support. “We do not anticipate any other arrests in connection with this case,” Hadley said We are deeply saddened by this case, but grateful that we are one step closer to justice for little Quinton,” the police department said in the Twitter post announcing her arrest.

Hadley said they are still determining whether to continue searching the dump in light of Friday’s findings and will consult with the FBI before that decision is made. “We have a high level of confidence that those are Quinton’s remains,” Hadley said of why authorities moved to arrest Simon.

Hadley also thanked the many people in Chatham County and around the world who offered to support her during the search for Quinton. “We thank those who kept their faith in the system, who kept their faith in us and our investigative process, and who patiently waited for the evidence we needed to make sure Quinton has every chance to receive the justice he deserves.” , said. she said she.

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