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This is the moment a balaclava-clad asylum seeker tries to flee the scene after allegedly stabbing a Royal Marine hopeful during an argument over an electric scooter, a court has been told. Afghan national Lawangeen Abdulrahimzai, 21, plunged a “10cm blade” twice into the chest of Thomas Roberts outside a Subway sandwich shop on Old Christchurch Road, Bournemouth, in the early morning of March 12 last year. .

Abdulrahimzai had been in an argument with Roberts’ friend, James Medway, 24, over an electric scooter the two friends had been using as they drove home after a “very quiet” night, the Crown Court of London heard. Salisbury. Jurors were told that moments after intervening in the disagreement, 21-year-old Mr Roberts was stabbed twice in the chest by an ‘aggressive’ Abdulrahimzai, one of which severed his heart.

Lawangeen Abdulrahimzai Age

Lawangeen Abdulrahimzai was 21 years old.

Lawangeen Abdulrahimzai  Cause of Death

Abdulrahimzai, born in Afghanistan, came to the UK. in December 2019 and initially told authorities that he was 16 when he was arrested, but the court has since determined that he is now 21. He admits to manslaughter but denies murdering Mr. Roberts. He is expected to argue that he suffered a “loss of control.”

CCTV footage released to the jury today shows Abdulrahimzai fleeing on foot immediately after the stabbing as Medway chased him. Abdulrahimzai can be seen running “very fast” with his hood up as he runs into a nearby park. But Medway, 24, who had to run barefoot after his shoes were removed, lost sight of Abdulrahimzai.

Jurors also heard 999 calls moments after the alleged murder at around 4:40 a.m. m. of March 12. One woman, who was withdrawing cash from an ATM when she saw Abdulrahimzai, told 999 operators that “he was running very fast.”

Others urged 911 responders to send an ambulance immediately as Roberts was losing a lot of blood and was “going to die.” The court also heard that before the stabbing, Abdulrahimzai, who was wearing a ski mask, headbutted another man. Reveler Alfie Goulty told Salisbury Crown Court that he had been refused entry to a club in Bournemouth and began chatting with Abdulrahimzai, whom he did not know.

Goulty, 18, was having a verbal disagreement with another reveler when Abdulrahimzai joined the conversation and became “aggressive” towards the other man.  He said: ‘The person who joined was wearing a coat and a balaclava, which was not fully on. “He was just repeating my words, he was telling him to go away…

He used his head against him, he used it to push him away, it was like a head butt. It was pretty aggressive.” Goulty said that he continued to talk to Abdulrahimzai after he ended the verbal disagreement with the other man, and that Abdulrahimzai told him that he was 16 years old. Later, he came out of Subway and saw Mr. Roberts ‘bleeding profusely’ and people screaming for an ambulance.

Dorset Police Officer Steve Bowes, one of the first on the scene, said he performed CPR on Mr Roberts adding: “His condition was deteriorating, it was clear he was not breathing.” In yesterday’s proceedings, Mr. Medway told the jury that he “shitted himself” when Abdulrahimzai pulled out a 10cm knife and plunged it twice into the chest of his friend.

Mr Roberts was enjoying a night out with Mr Medway, 24, when they tried to use the e-scooter to get home and were confronted by “aggressive” Abdulrahimzai, 21, 21. A court heard that Roberts, a nightclub DJ who hoped to become a Marine, suffered serious internal injuries, including a heart wound from the stabbing.

Distressing CCTV footage of the incident outside a Subway sandwich shop shows Mr Roberts managing to stay on his feet but collapsing seconds later. Following the stabbing, Mr Roberts, from Bournemouth, was rushed to hospital after “bleeding profusely” and died in surgery.

Testifying at Salisbury Crown Court, Mr Medway recounted the moment he watched his ‘peacemaker’ friend being stabbed to death. Mr Medway said: ‘I had known him for two and a half years, over the years we got to know each other well. “We had a lot of things in common, like horseback riding, then I started going to his DJ events and he got into the gym.” .

‘We decided to get some food, take a taxi and go home. We were relaxed, ready for food and bed. “We decided to walk to the taxi stand and at Subway there was a scooter that was unlocked and I said ‘don’t worry mate we can take this we don’t need a taxi’.” He said that it was at this point that he was confronted.

He continued: ‘I held the grips and stood on either side of the scooter and that’s when he [Abdulrahimzai] came over. He had never seen it before. “He spoke broken English and was not easy to understand. “He came right in front of me and said ‘get off this scooter, this is my scooter’ and he was acting aggressive.” He was threatening.

‘Tom stretched out his hand on his chest and said ‘no problem here’. He was calming, trying to calm the situation, he was trying to calm the situation. The man shifted his focus from him to Tom and looked at his face. He faced Tom. I don’t know what he said to himself, since he was broken in English.

‘Tom felt threatened. He was defensive. He [Mr. Roberts] slapped [Abdulrahimzai] across the face, which I felt was a warning, it was a ‘stay away’ warning. The man reached for the knife and just lunged at Tom. He was big and I’m pretty sure he was gold and black. He did like a long hook move. “I shit myself to begin with, I was scared, I’m not sure if he had gone to hit him with his left hand. So the man ran.

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