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Laura Lee Day is an indicted executioner stepmom. She was faulted for suffocating six-year-old Taylor Syring in October 2012 during a vacation. Lee Day was indicted for capital homicide and was condemned to life in 2013. Almost a decade after the occurrence, she has stood up on the episode. On Thursday, June 2, 2022, the stepmother showed up on ABC News’ “20/20” to make sense of her side of the story. What precisely does she say?

Who Is Laura Lee Day? Wikipedia Bio For Killer Stepmother Of Taylor Syring Laura Lee Day otherwise known as Laura Lee Feist, the stepmom from South Texas, is the one who is likewise attached to the 1982 Laguna Beach Killing. At the point when Day was 17 years of age, she shot her 21-year-former beau after he needed a separation with her. She was viewed as at fault for second-degree murder and was condemned to time in the California Youth Facility. She was delivered in 1990.

Laura Lee Day Age

Laura Lee Day is 33 years old.

Laura Lee Day Family – Laura Lee Day Fast Facts

After her delivery, Day was likewise sentenced for bigamy by wedding a man while she was hitched to another. In 1996, she called herself Laura Lee Bush and was sentenced for protection extortion. She was faulted for consuming her vehicle and powerfully gathering the money. Quick forward to 2012, Day was sentenced liable for killing her 6-year-old stepson on an ocean side in Corpus Christi, Texas, 2012.

As per the indictment, Day was jealous of Taylor’s mom and had allowed him to go surfing without a day to day existence coat. Wave Of Deceit 20/20 Interview With Laura Lee Day’s Husband David Syring Laura Lee Day has disclosed her appearance after almost 10 years on ABC 20/20. She alludes to the occurrence as a heartbreaking mishap and had really attempted to save Taylor. As per the ABC news, Day had gotten her stepson, Taylor, from his school on October 5, 2012, in Corpus Christi, Texas.

Taylor had shown an interest in going to the ocean side that day, and it was a Friday. It was a prod of a groundbreaking choice. Day said that she got swimming outfits and towels prior to going to the ocean side. She likewise told that she was occupied and had picked a disconnected region for swimming. She owned up to putting a lifejacket on Taylor and watching him play in the water prior to eliminating it since it was causing him a rash.

Nonetheless, as Day pivoted, Taylor was at that point proceeded to be tracked down drifting a face down. Laura demands she attempted to get water out of his lungs, however it was past the point of no return and simultaneously she panicked a ton. At that point, Day and Taylor’s dad, David Syring had been hitched for a very long time. The pair had hitched in 2012 while Syring was as yet hitched to Taylor’s mother, Kelly Syring.

David Syring said in the 20/20 meeting: “I was having a difficult time with Kelly. Also, Laura was well disposed. She was hitched, as well. She would clear up for me the issues that she had in her marriage. What’s more, appeared to be like neither one of us was truly content with our mate”. He additionally conceded to having an unsanctioned romance regardless of being hitched.

Where Could Laura Lee Day Now-Is She Still In Prison be? Laura Lee Day was condemned to existence without the chance for further appeal in 2013. Notwithstanding being in jail for more than decade Day guarantees the kid’s passing by suffocating on a Texas ocean side was a mishap. As of now, Day is watching for any updates from the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals on whether she will be conceded a subsequent preliminary.

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