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A California family‘s life took a horrifying turn, leaving them in utter despair. LAPD teams up to help a California police officer and his wife who were diagnosed with cancer within weeks of each other. Laura Tomelloso, a retired Justice Department officer, received the heartbreaking news that her husband Michael Tomelloso, a former LAPD Central Traffic Division officer, had been diagnosed with throat cancer.

This was a week after she was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer, CBS News reported. dude, she told KNBC. Family and friends, along with the LAPD, decided to help because the couple, who have two sons ages 10 and 14, were too modest to ask for help despite mounting medical bills, according to Cellini. The source also claims that Laura’s colon cancer eventually turned into ovarian cancer.

Laura and Michael Tomelloso Age

Laura and Michael Tomelloso’s age is Unkown.

Incident Detail

“She had cancer and was getting over it,” said Silvia Mitchell, Laura’s sister-in-law. “Then in June, Michael found out that he had cancer.” “Michael received radiation and chemotherapy every day for almost eight weeks,” Mitchell said. “He couldn’t eat anything solid during that time and still he had to insert a feeding tube,” she added.

According to a statement posted on social media by the LAPD Central Traffic Division, the Tomelloso’s are the parents of two young boys, Mike Jr, 14, and Matthew, 10. “During his battle with cancer, which consists of ongoing medical treatments, surgeries and hospitalizations, they have a grueling challenge to complete simple tasks,” their statement said.

“They have been relying on friends, neighbors and church members to make life less challenging with their daily chores and medical appointments, and to make Mike Jr. and Matthew’s childhood as positive as possible,” continued the release.

After graduating from high school, Michael enlisted in the US Marine Corps and spent 25 years as an officer with the Los Angeles Police Department. Laura was employed by the FBI but left the organization to homeschool her youngest child with special needs.

Matthew is a special needs boy who homeschools and works with horses as part of his therapy, according to the Central Traffic Division. They said that due to the health of his parents, he can no longer attend therapy sessions, People reported. After the diagnosis, the couple and their two children managed to survive with government help. But when Michael’s fellow officers learned of these tragedies, they rallied to support the struggling family.

“It hits close to home when it comes to someone who is walking the same path in life,” Officer Rob Golden said. “He has a servant’s heart. He has always helped others and has put others before him, starting with his family and his community in general.”

Golden worked with Tomelloso in the Los Angeles Police Department’s Central Traffic Division. “Right now, they’re using their personal insurance policy,” Golden said. “They’re dipping into retirement. They’re dipping into savings to help cover everything.” he added he.

The brothers in blue, their family, friends and parishioners are supporting them. The couple’s co-workers are hopeful that, with some financial support, they can focus on getting better. “During this holiday season, what better time to lift them up not only in prayer but also to help them financially,” Golden said. The Blue Ribbon Trust Fund for Tomellosos has been established by the Los Angeles Police Federal Credit Union. Anyone interested in making an online donation can complete this form.

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