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The news and the observer report that a girl who was part of a dance company that participated in the parade died on Saturday when she was supposedly hit by the truck. Two sources confirmed the death reported at the exit, they said. The parade attendees listened to the driver of the truck, appointed as Good by the police, shouting out of his window that had lost control of the vehicle and could not stop the truck before crashing, according to witnesses who spoke with WTVD.

The departure said the truck driver was touching the horn and shouting at the people to get out of the way. The white truck was carrying the CC & Co. Dance Fotat, who had dance artists of up to five years. The heartbreaking video video shows a group of people running to the hit girl while the police and the brave passersby ran through the truck and finally prevented him from going out of control.

Landon C Glass Age

Landon C Glass is 34 years old.

Incident Detail

The news and the observer had previously reported that a person was taken to the hospital in an ambulance. “We started dancing in the parade, and then, suddenly, we heard a lot of horn,” said Olivia Bruce, a 14 -year -old member of the dance company. I saw the truck almost on your back, so we move away. ”

She added: “The truck was still faster and then stopped and someone was introduced on the ground. I was quite close.”I moved in seconds, they almost hit me too.” The Raleigh Police Department had also previously confirmed that the person who was injured participated in the parade.

Cheyenne Hamilton, 17, witnessed the shocking event and revealed more about the terrifying situation. We had just started the parade. The dancers were in the middle of the two floats [CC & Company]. “The float behind us, his brakes began not to work. And they were trying to get everyone out of the way.

“But unfortunately, one of the dancers could not get out of the way. They took (the dancer) right in front of us …”. The witnesses heard shouts before a group of good Samaritans ran to the street and stopped the truck by hand, the exit reported.

“It was just a lot of chaos, only many policemen running, people running … It was crazy. It was traumatic,” said witness Brandon Patrick to WTVD. Jennifer Martin with the Raleigh local store told The Outlet: “Our hearts and prayers are really with the family at this time and only with everyone who has been with this event.

“That’s all we can do is ask people to pray right now and lift them.” Raleight’s greatest Mary-Ann Baldwin made a declaration on Twitter about the horrible incident. “Today it began with such joy. Raleigh’s Christmas parade brings smiles to so many faces,” he wrote.

“My heart was very full. And now it hurts that the young woman hit a tragic accident on the parade route. Praying for her, her family and our community.” “It’s heartbreaking,” said Julia Milstead, a spokeswoman for the city. “We don’t know what happened, but it’s heartbreaking. There are no words for what someone feels at this time.”

Fox News reports that six people were needed, including two officers, stop the truck. According to reports, Glass was interviewed by the police and hit several positions, including death for minor crimes for motorized vehicles, careless driving and unrestricted, and carrying a firearm in a parade, WNCN reported.

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