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Heather Knecht Reynolds is a mother of three 41 -year -old children who lived a suburban life accommodated in a part of New Jersey known as Gloucester Township. She was married. He had a 17 -month -old son named Axel Jayce Reynolds, and two other younger children (both are children) who are still alive.

Heather seemed to have everything together, but now they accuse her a year after the death of her son Axel … with her murder. Heather attended the University of Florida, where he studied Health Sciences. He then studied at the University of Pennsylvania, where he specialized in development psychology.

Axel Reynolds Age

Axel Reynolds was 17 month old.

Axel Reynolds  Cause of Death

She has a master’s degree in social work. Facebook; In the photo above, Axel puts his mother Heather’s hair, while she smiles in the camera Heather has spent his life working with children and working in social work.

People who work with children and have their own they love them and do not want harm to come to them. So, what the hell did this mother of social workers go wrong who is now sitting in jail, waiting for her trial, which could very well mean in prison for her?

NJ.com reports that Peter Gallagher, the assistant prosecutor of the case, had the following to say about what happened to Axel: “This is an absolutely brutal murder and a defenseless victim.” On May 10, 2018, the neighbors called the police. Heather was outside on the grass of his house on Marcia’s quiet court shouting at all lungs for help.

He was holding his little son Axel in his arms … When the first to respond came to the scene, Axel was lying in the front garden of the family’s house, and was not aware.

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