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The mother of a five-year-old boy, Kyle Doan, who was last seen on January 9, 2023, after being dragged near San Miguel, is calling on state authorities to continue searching for her son. Lindsy Doan sent a letter on February 22 to San Luis Obispo County Sheriff Ian Parkinson, Gov. Gavin Newsom, and state officials, writing, “We have complied with all the rules given to us.

We have been patient and understanding, but we cannot stop asking the same question. Where’s the sheriff’s team? In our minds, it’s becoming a cold case.” According to CBS, Kyle disappeared when his mother, Lindsy, was driving him to school and lost control of her truck after a violent storm in Southern California. The car went off the road and got stuck in a tree. Kyle told Lindsy from the backseat, “Mom, it’s okay.

Kyle Doan and Lindsy Doan Age

Lindsy Doan is 05 years old.

Kyle Doan and Lindsy Doan Incident Detail

Just calm down,” before his fingers slipped away from his mother’s and he was dragged away. The search for Kyle involved more than 100 National Guard officers assisted by the San Luis Obispo Sheriff’s Office and underwater search and rescue teams, the BBC reports. The effort included an aerial search from north of the Salinas River to the Pacific Ocean, the SLO County Sheriff announced via Twitter. However, Kyle’s whereabouts remain a mystery.

On February 22, the mom began the post by saying, “In five days, we will hit our 7-week mark. 7 weeks of sleepless nights, 7 weeks of anxiety triggers, 7 weeks without our rainbow baby, 7 weeks of being frozen in time. We’ve searched every weekend since Kyle went missing, we’ve done spot searches when we want to take a closer look at specific areas throughout the week, and we’ve spent time researching, planning searches, reaching out to potential community and non-profit organizations that might support our searches.

Lindsy then added, “The sheriff’s efforts were consistent up to the 4 week mark in terms of boots on the ground. Lots of agencies came in, checked out some areas of concern, and then disappeared. Since then, it’s been excuses… We’re waiting for The The weather needs to warm up. The water needs to recede more. It’s too cold for the dogs to come out. I get it. You’re tired, but again I ask.

If I were your son, when would you give up?”I’m sure you’ve had enough of my letters by now, but my family is sick and tired of excuses. We’re exhausted with your “ATV tours” to check conditions. We can’t understand helicopter flyovers when we’re pretty sure that Kyle can’t be seen from the sky.

They probably would have found him by now if that was the case. We’re tired of the sheriff’s team making it look like they’re doing something when in reality, a lot of it appears to be superficial work for them to” It seems” like something is being done. Our messages are being ignored. It takes days for someone to return our text messages. There are fewer phone calls. Meetings seem to be the norm,” he described, adding: “We ask for a map to remove our search areas.

At first it sounded like it was going to be released to the public, but then we got a denial of what we knew was a decision from above, it didn’t help Arm us with our own searches. We, as untrained civilians with limited funds, are taking the guesswork. Now with a phenomenal community that has stood up to support us, but where is the San Luis Obispo Bureau of Emergency Services and Sheriff’s Departments?”

“Please step up and put action on your words. We need them on the ground, physically searching, not waiting for the waters to recede further when most of the land is already dry. In Governor Newsom’s press conference, he says ‘We won’t stop looking until they find him.’ Put that promise into practice. Find him and bring Kyle home,” the mother concluded.

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