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Kristen Gilbert seemed serious and dedicated to her job as a nurse, but her reputation was short-lived. She was soon found guilty of first and second degree murder. Gilbert was working at the VA Medical Center in Northampton, Massachusetts, when patients under her watch began dying due to unexplained reasons.

It was only after a series of desperate and senseless moves that investigators were able to identify her that she was arrested. . During her trial, Kristen admitted that she carried out all those murders just to show off to Perrault. Watch Kristen’s story on Oxygen at 9 p.m. m. January 15.

Kristen Gilbert Age

Kristen Gilbert is 55 years old.

Incidnet Detail

The episode titled Notorious: Kristen Gilbert is part of her Snapped series. Read on for some interesting and chilling facts about the case. After a series of deaths began under Kristen’s watch, which were initially brushed off as coincidence, three nurses became aware of a shortage of epinephrine at the hospital. Epinephrine can be used to save someone’s life or to kill a life.

The nurses linked the two events and informed the authorities that the coincidence was strange. Kristen quit immediately, but she didn’t stop there. During that time, Kristen, who was frequently in and out of the psych department, contacted James Perrault and confessed to killing the victims. Perrault also did medical work there.

Perrault no longer waited and complained to the police about it. An investigation was opened into the case. Kristen tried to divert the attention of the police from the investigation while they watched her. The same hospital received a false call from her informing them that a bomb had been hidden there.

However, she made it easy for detectives to find her now and she was taken into custody. Kristen was found guilty of four murders and two attempted murders of patients and was sentenced to life in prison. She was going to receive the death penalty by lethal injection, which was an irony in itself, but she received four consecutive life sentences.

On the surface, she Kristen seemed to live a happy life. She was married and the mother of two children. However, things started to fall apart in her life after she started dating James. Gilbert was a highly respected employee at the hospital, and at first the other nurses did not even consider the possibility that she might be responsible for her deaths.

Gilbert was frequently referred to as the “Angel of Death” jokingly. However, authorities became concerned when people with no history of heart disease began to die of cardiac arrest. In fact, it was an Angel of Death who served them.

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