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A Kentucky mother is searching for answers after her daughter was found shot to death in her own home. Authorities say the woman’s 2-year-old daughter was with her mother for three days before her body was discovered. And it appears that someone else was in the house during that time to care for the child.

Looking at photos of her 23-year-old daughter, Kierra Stone Gonzalez… “This is her and her sister.” … it gets harder and harder with each passing day for mom Michelle Stone. But it’s the only way to erase the image she has nailed to her head of her daughter lying on the living room floor of her apartment, dead from a gunshot wound to the head.

Kierra Stone Gonzalez Age

Kierra Stone Gonzalez was 23 years old.

Kierra Stone Gonzalez Cause of Death

“I have so many questions, so many questions about why they took my daughter,” Michelle said. Michelle was the one who found her last Wednesday around noon. She made the trip from Radcliff because she had a feeling from her mother that her daughter was not well. When she got to the Rangeland Road apartment, she realized that she was right.

“The first thing I noticed was her purple hands,” Michelle said. She then heard the screams of Kierra’s 2-year-old daughter. They left her inside the house, right next to the body of her mother. “That makes me question, even more, how could you take her mother from her?” Michelle said.

After the emotions wore off, Stone says she was left with more questions than answers.  She says authorities told her her daughter had already been dead for three days when they found her. “They did not kill my granddaughter, she did not have any poop stains or urine.

She no poop in the house, no urine stains in the house. So we knew someone had been there for three days taking care of her with her mom. My question is how you were able to take care of my granddaughter and not call the police when she saw that her mother was dead,” said Michelle.

A question now tasked by the Louisville Metropolitan Police Department, as an investigation is underway. But officers won’t be the only ones looking for answers. Stone says that she will be too, if it’s the last thing she does. “She had a good heart and she definitely didn’t deserve what happened to her,” Michelle said.

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