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As the death toll from Hurricane Ian rose to 77 as of Saturday, October 1, Lee County officials are now facing criticism for not issuing a mandatory evacuation order until Tuesday, September 27, just 24 hours earlier. after the hurricane hit Florida with 150 mph winds. and heavy rain.

The total storm-related deaths were recorded in Florida and North Carolina, according to a tally by state officials and an NBC News tally, NBC reports. Governor Ron DeSantis said at a press conference on Saturday, October 1, that there have been about 1,100 rescues in Florida since Ian arrived in the state. He said: “There has been an outpouring of support and I have seen a lot of resilience in this community of people who want to get up and want to get their communities back on their feet. We will be here and I will be helping every step of the way.” At the same time, he backed up Lee County officials saying, “They were following the data, and you remember people were initially looking at the panhandle on Sunday. Then Monday came and people were thinking maybe north of Tampa Bay. As we went to bed Monday night, people were saying this is a direct hit on Tampa Bay, worst case scenario for the state.”

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Hurricane Ian’s age is Unkown.

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The governor further added while defending the officials: “When that track started to turn south and the computer models the next morning, they (Lee County leaders) called for an evacuation, they opened their shelters and they responded very quickly. to the data. But at the end of the day, Fort Myers and Naples, on Sunday, I think at the 11 am advisory, 72 hours later, they weren’t even in the cone. That’s the reality, so they followed it very closely.”

Lee County issued a mandatory evacuation for Zones A and B, which include the hardest-hit coastal areas, Tuesday at 5:20 p.m. ET, according to a tweet from Lee County officials. However, many continued to express their anguish towards the officials. One wrote: “Wow, crazy that Lee County emergency officials waited until less than 24 hours before landfall to order mandatory evacuations.

The storm surge was always going to be the worst on the southern end of the storm too.” . While another said, “Lee County, Florida *CHOSE* to wait before issuing a mandatory evacuation order until Tuesday, when residents had less than 24 hours to prepare. This is Uvalde-level incompetence. people! #HurricaneIan.”

In a video posted Oct. 1, the Lee County Sheriff confirmed the storm-related deaths. Sheriff Carmine Marceno said there are “about 35 deaths” so far. “There are those who are wondering about their loved one, their friends and family. I am here to get you as much information as possible as quickly as possible. Today we had over 600-700 rescues of people who are in need during this difficult time with about 35 deaths, unfortunately,” he said.

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