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Kevin O’Neal, who played Private Ben Whitledge on the 1960s ABC sitcom ‘No Time for Sergeants,’ died at age 77 on Saturday, January 28. Kevin O’Neal was the younger brother of Oscar-nominated actor Ryan O’Neal. . Kevin O’Neal also appeared as the character Yale in one of Elvis Presley’s last films, ‘The Trouble with Girls’ (1969). Born Geoffrey Garrett O’Neal in Los Angeles, he was also the popular director of ‘Dinocroc’.

The 77-year-old talented actor died in his sleep of natural causes in Thousand Oaks on Saturday, a family spokesperson told The Hollywood Reporter. . Kevin O’Neal was born four years after his Oscar-nominated brother Ryan O’Neal. His parents were novelist and screenwriter Charles “Blackie” O’Neal (‘The Three Wishes of Jamie McRuin’) and actress Patricia Callaghan.

Kevin O’Neal Age

Kevin O’Neal was 77 years old.

Kevin O’Neal  Cause of Death

Kevin O’Neal made his first television debut in 1961 in episodes of “The Deputy,” “The Danny Thomas Show,” and “The Donna Reed Show.” Since then, he has also starred in multiple shows such as ‘The Twilight Zone’, ‘My Three Sons’, ‘Wagon Train’, ‘Gidget’, ‘Perry Mason’, ‘The Fugitive’, ‘Gunsmoke’, ‘Please Don’t Eat the Daises’, ‘Bonanza’, ‘Mod Squad’, ‘Daniel Boone’ and ‘Lancer’.

Kevin O’Neal also appeared in his brother’s films, ‘The Big Bounce’ (1969), ‘Love Story’ (1970), ‘What’s Up Doc?’ (1972) and ‘The Burglar Who Came to Dinner’ (1973) before giving up acting in the mid-’70s. Kevin O’Neal’s nephew wrote an emotional tribute to his uncle on Twitter, writing: “My brother’s father Kevin O’Neal passed away Saturday morning (01/28/23)

My uncle passed away in his sleep and was spared which we are grateful for Kevin had a wicked sense of humor just like his older brother, and we have his stories to keep him in our hearts forever.” He later tweeted a second tribute to the work of Kevin O’Neal. “Kevin was an actor, writer, and producer. One of the great laughs from the classic movie ‘What’s Up, Doc?’ it came after Kevin told the judge this: (‘I want my bike back’)”

In addition to his brother, she is survived by his son Garrett; his niece Tatum O’Neal, Oscar-winning actress; nephew Griffin O’Neal, also an actor, and nephew Patrick O’Neal, a host for Bally Sports West. Emotional Patrick also tweeted a third tribute saying: “When Kevin walked into a room you heard it before you saw it. That energy and personality is an old O’Neal trademark. Heaven better be ready for him! We send our love and support to his son Garrett. RIP KO! Kevin O’Neal was 77.”

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