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Keith Melvin Moses was allegedly welcomed into a car on the morning of February 22 by deputies in Orange County, Florida. Yet he fatally shot Nathacha Augustin, a fellow traveller, 38, for no apparent reason. The driver did not hear Moses and Augustin quarrel, and the two did not know each other, according to the paperwork.

The driver, however, heard a “boom” after 30 seconds and noticed blood on the woman’s face. At 6114 Hialeah Street, he made a stop.According to the witness, [redacted] did not, to his knowledge, have any issues with anyone, according to the authorities. The witness reported that they weren’t being tracked.

Keith Melvin Moses Age

Keith Melvin Moses is 19 years old.

Keith Melvin Moses Incident Detail

Augustin was reportedly found dead outside the car when deputies arrived. On the left side of her chin, she had been shot. Moses, though, is alleged to have escaped by the authorities. In order to chronicle this occurrence, Spectrum News 13 reporters Dylan Lyons and Jesse Walden arrived on the scene many hours later.

Moses allegedly returned to the scene and fired on the men, killing Lyons and critically wounding Walden, according to the deputies. Around the same time, he also broke into a nearby house and fatally shot 9-year-old T’Yonna Major. Investigators reported that the mother of the child, who was also shot but lived, recalled waking up to “T’Yonna Major yelling, ‘HE SHOT ME!’ as she ran into her room and leapt into her bed.

” The mother heard two gunshots when she awoke and felt like she had been shot in the arm. According to the complaint, she grabbed her daughter and they hid out in the master bathroom until police could come. Moses was reportedly apprehended nearby by the authorities.

Sheriff John Mina of Orange County said in a statement, “I am pleased to see the Grand Jury indicted Keith Moses on First Degree Murder charges in the terrible killings of Nathacha Augustin, T’yonna Major, and Dylan Lyons and hope the death sentence is sought in this case. “

“Our community is still in mourning over these terrible killings, but I have trust that a jury will convict him and send him to prison for the rest of his life, where he belongs. I hope that this indictment provides the families of Nathacha, T’yonna, and Dylan some degree of optimism that justice will eventually be served, even though nothing will bring them back.

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