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Kayla Lemieux, who made headlines for her appearance at school, recently retaliated in reaction to a neighbor’s claim that she wears “prosthetic breasts” and dresses like a man. Lemieux claims that she was born “intersex” and that her huge breasts are “real.” Mail. She even clarified that he is not “transgender” but “intersex” by birth. ”

My condition is classified as gigantomastia, which can also be called macromastia or breast hypertrophy,” she said, despite the fact that she had never obtained a formal medical diagnosis. “It’s weird, there’s no question about it,” Lemieux added.

Kayla Lemieux Age

Kayla Lemieux is 31 years old.

 Incident Detail

It affects women very rarely, but in my case, I think, and my doctor thinks, because I also have XX chromosomes, that has something to do with it, and hormone sensitivity to estrogen has caused it.” The resident of the Lemieux apartment complex claimed to have seen her walking around town disguised as a man, as previously reported. The resident said: “She wears prosthetic breasts very infrequently.

He puts them on to teach, occasionally when he goes for a walk or when the police visit him.” Responding to the resident’s accusations, Lemieux said: “I can’t tell you who it is because I don’t want to involve anyone else in this. I don’t want that person to be in the media, but it was not me. This is who I am. So “That’s what I look like. You’ve been talking to people in my building, but what they’re telling you is harsh and false.

I always come out looking the same as I do.” Lemieux responded when asked if she ever appeared differently in public: “I guess if I took off my wig or took off my makeup. But I would still have boobs. You can’t hide them. People online making comments are basically body shaming. “. “Regarding her sexuality, she said, ‘I identify as a woman.’ female. She she”.

Lemieux added: “All my life, I’ve identified as a man. I’ve seen myself as a man. When I decided to embrace this other side of me around the age of 39, this presented itself. Intersex people can have a mix of those two sets. different chromosomes. It may be something they don’t even know about. It may show up in other physical attributes at birth, so it may be more obvious or less obvious, depending on the person.”

On Twitter, many people expressed their reactions to Lemieux’s disclosure of sexuality, with one person writing: “As a member of the LGBTQ community, it is very unfortunate that I have been harassed with insults and threats. Anyone with gigantomastia should not be discriminated against. “. But I wonder if she could have breast reduction surgery due to the controversy or go ahead without any concern.”

Lemieux’s claims were disputed by a second person who wrote: “How does she know she has this disease she claims to have if she hasn’t been formally diagnosed? And if they are real, why does she wear tight tops that emphasize her breasts and show off her legs?” nipples? Definitely NOT appropriate for a classroom!”

Calling this situation “crazy”, another wrote: “In the past, cases of madness like this would be laughed into oblivion. Today we let them teach the kids. Beyond madness.” This other person who is in favor of leaving the woman alone wrote: “It’s very simple. The rules of awakening state that self-identification means that we must take any declaration of identity completely seriously. So leave the lady alone “.

“I don’t care if he was born female or not. His attire is inappropriate for an educator. I completely understand, I taught at a university where WE HAD A DRESS CODE!!!! If any woman (regardless if biological or trans) wore a short skirt, you could be scored, suspended, etc,” wrote another person, who thinks Lemieux’s wardrobe is “inappropriate.”

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