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Katharine McPhee and David Foster Wiki – Katharine McPhee and David Foster Biography

Katharine McPhee and David Foster welcomed son Rennie in 2022, and it looks like the couple will be welcoming another baby boy to their family soon! The actress has stated that she would love to have another child with her musician husband Foster, who is 34 years her senior. “We’re not in any crazy rush, but, um, I hope so because I love being a mom. I really love it, ”McPhee had said, in her appearance on ‘The Jennifer Hudson Show’.

Rennie is McPhee’s first child and Foster’s sixth. He is already the father of five daughters: Allison, Amy, Sara, Erin and Jordan, but Rennie is her first child. The couple have been married since February 2021 and their nuptials had taken place in London. More recently, Foster also opened up about how much he enjoys family life and being a new dad in the later stages of his life.

Katharine McPhee and David Foster Age

Katharine McPhee is 38 years old and David Foster is 73 years old.

Incident Detail

The show’s host, Hudson, had also asked McPhee if Rennie could sing like her mother. The ‘American Idol’ alum had joked about her baby’s singing abilities, saying: “So far, I’d say her singing isn’t her strong point. I mean, she’s less than 2 years old, so I’m not trying to be too critical here..” While McPhee and Foster appear to have a great marriage, they received tons of flak for their age difference.

Foster had easily brushed it off, saying it wasn’t a big deal. An E News report claims that Foster had said: “People always refer to Kat and me as the age gap, but I’ve always said that there are many things that can ruin a marriage, and the age gap is just one of them.” they”. them. There are so many things that can go wrong. We think we’ve got it pretty good.”

She also opened up about having a 70-year-old son to People, saying that she “loved every day.” The septuagenarian told the outlet: “It’s great to be a father. It’s too cliché to say ‘I have more time now,’ but I do: I have more time. Without any reflection on any of my other children, who I love equally, and equally as well as my son.”

Foster and his son Rennie seem to have a great bond with each other, and McPhee confirms their close relationship. “He always walks into a room and says, ‘Where’s my baby? Where is our baby? He wants to hold the baby all the time and be close to the baby,” he said. So while they may not be in a rush, it’s sure to be that they would do perfectly well if they welcomed another baby.

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