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An 18-year-old baseball player in Texas was wounded in the chest by a stray bullet during a game on Saturday, May 1. A 17-year-old suspect is wanted on felony charges, and four other people have been apprehended. The 18-year-old was in the bullpen when the incident happened at George Dobson Field in Texarkana, close to the Texas-Arkansas line, at 5:30 p.m.

Demarco Banks, 20, Marcell Beaver, 19, Nathan Moore, 19, and Yankeengea Smith, 49 have been taken into custody, while Kamauri Butler, 17, is wanted on one count of aggravated assault.According to the New York Post, the Texas A&M-Texarkana athlete, whose identity has not been made public, was playing against the University of Houston-Victoria when bullets were fired.

Kamauri Butler Age

Kamauri Butler is 17 years old.

Kamauri Butler Incident Detail

“It appears he was hit by a stray bullet from an altercation in a nearby neighbourhood west of the park,” the Texarkana Texas Police Department stated. He underwent surgery at St. Michael’s Hospital and is said to be in stable condition now.

Given that both suspects had fled the scene, police identified them as Demarco Banks, 20, and Kamauri Butler, 17. Butler was charged with aggravated assault and Banks with dangerous conduct. While the search for Kamauri is still ongoing, Butler, who turned himself in, has been lodged in a jail in a different state.

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In the case, three additional people have been taken into custody.On Lynda Street, which is in a neighbourhood to the west of Spring Lake Park, we first received numerous reports of gunfire. We received a 911 call a short while later stating that a baseball player had slumped at the park and might have been shot, according to authorities. ”

We were able to establish the connection between the two incidents almost immediately,” they said, “so while some officers assisted the victim on the ballfield, others searched for witnesses or evidence on Lynda Street.” Numerous bullet casings were discovered by the police close to the house’s front yard.

The two guys shot each other in front of the residence during an event that started as a disturbance, according to police. About 400 yards away, one of those errant rounds struck the defenceless victim in the baseball field.

The incident happened during the fifth inning of the game, according to the Texarkana Gazette. Gunshots! Gunshots, the announcer yelled. A spectator at the game who wished to remain anonymous told the publication. Later, the School cancelled the match and declared it a “no contest.”Butler and Banks escaped the scene before police arrived, but three other males were captured there after detectives obtained a search warrant for the house and several surrounding vehicles.

Yankeengea Smith, 49, was arrested on charges of unlawful possession of a firearm by a felon and two counts of possessing methamphetamine and ecstasy pills. Nathan Moore, 19, was also arrested on charges of tampering with evidence and possessing marijuana, as was Marcell Beaver, 19, who was also 19.

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