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Elliot Nix is said to have received $40 from Erick Aguirre for parking before Aguirre discovered Nix was a phoney parking attendant. Police in Texas have detained a guy after they claim he fatally shot a man posing as a valet staff before returning with his client and telling him “everything was fine.”

According to the Associated Press, Erick Aguirre allegedly paid Elliot Nix $40 to park but discovered inside the Houston burger business that he had been duped. Authorities said Nix, 46, approached Aguirre, 29, and his date while they were parking their automobiles outside a restaurant at Lamar and Saint Emanuel Streets and informed them it would cost them $20 each to park their cars, depending on the medium.

Erick Aguirre Age

Erick Aguirre is 26 years old.

Incident Detail

According to nearby workers, Aguirre ran to his car, grabbed a revolver, and pursued Nix, according to NBC-2 from Houston. He allegedly shot Nix once in the chest before abandoning him on the street. According to the AP, Nix was rushed to the hospital where he passed away.

According to CBS News, when Aguirre returned to the restaurant, he allegedly told his unnamed date that “everything was fine” and that he had only scared Nix. According to the source, court documents show that the duo moved towards a table but turned around when Aguirre became uneasy.

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The date went on late into the night, according to court filings, the AP reported. On April 11, Aguirre was accused with murder in relation to Nix’s passing. He was given a $200,000 bail. A response from his lawyer, Brent Mayr, was requested by PEOPLE on Friday evening, but he did not react right away.

At the time of the shooting, according to the prosecution, Aguirre was already on probation for aggravated assault in South Texas. Two days after the couple’s images were made public, his date called the authorities, the AP reports. She intended to act morally, according to the woman’s lawyer Rick DeToto, who spoke to NBC-2. She was determined to come out and inform the authorities of what she knew.

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