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A ‘wild’ TikToker encouraged ‘pretty’ women to fart on club dance floors, saying no one would ‘suspect’ it was them because they were beautiful. Girls fart, just like everyone else, but for some who want to look dainty and feminine, they are incapable of doing anything gross. Mollie Fraser, better known to her 27,000 TikTok followers as the ‘wild rat’, advises girls to fart in clubs.

The blonde who promotes ‘chaotic’ behavior is the brains behind ‘feraltivites’, which include letting her hair down in public without fear of judgment. Many people previously agreed with her when she said pooping in the club’s toilets was the “best” part of a night out, as reported by the Daily Star. This time, Mollie said that farting in a bar was acceptable because no one would associate the smell with an ‘attractive’ woman because of her appearance.

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Justin Carter is 35 years old.

Incident Detail

“Ladies, if you ever have to fart in the club, that’s fine. You’re pretty so no one will suspect it’s you, plus the music is loud enough to mask the sound. Don’t let wild farts get you down.” stop,” he said in a TikTok video. The video has over 2.5 million views. “Fuck you girl! Where are my fizzy kweens!” he continued to cheer her on in the caption. She also suggested giving the intestinal disorder IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) a new name. “IBS = I’m killing,” Mollie said.

The ‘wild rat’ is not alone, as many women were quick to comment to relate to the sneaky technique. One user commented, “I’m farting all over the place and saying it’s the bass.” While another said, “WRONG when I tell you the music cut off at that exact moment.” A third user worried: “Let’s not normalize this, I almost passed out from something nuclear over the weekend,” to which Mollie replied, “Nature calls.”

Some people even recounted their own discontent with farting at the club. “Okay, but once this person farted in the club and it smelled so bad I threw up and wasn’t even drinking,” someone claimed. Another said: “I was once at a small but FULL indoor metal concert and the lactose intolerant guy in front of me farted for 2 hours straight. I was traumatized.” “It’s a great technique if you need more room to dance,” joked another.

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