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A Minnesota mother named Julissa Thaler, who was arrested for allegedly killing her son, was indicted Friday, January 13, and charged with one count of first-degree murder and one count of second-degree murder. Thaler was already facing charges of second-degree planned murder of her six-year-old son Eli Hart.

An enhanced first-degree murder charge has now been filed against 28-year-old Julissa Thaler. She is accused of fatally shooting her son multiple times before hiding her body in the trunk of her car. Six-year-old Eli Hart was allegedly shot multiple times by his mother, Julissa.

Julissa Thaler Age

Julissa Thaler’s age is Unkown.

Incident Detail

The latter then hid her body in the trunk of her car. Investigators found Eli died of “multiple gunshot wounds” and ruled his death a homicide. For the past two years, Eli has been in a custody battle between Julissa Thaler and her biological father, Tory Hart. Eli was found to have been placed in foster care in January 2021, considering Julissa’s mental condition.

However, he was awarded sole custody of him two weeks before Eli was fatally shot. According to multiple documents, no concerns about Eli’s physical well-being were ever found. In May 2022, Orono police pulled Thaler over for driving a car with broken windows. They noticed blood on his hands and face. After inspecting the car, they discovered the body of Eli Hart in the trunk.

They also found a live shotgun shell and noticed a bullet hole in the back seat of the car he was driving. A year before the gruesome incident, Thaler was alleged to have stolen drugs. Eli’s father, Tory, filed a lawsuit against Dakota County and three of its officials for ignoring signs that Eli was possibly unsafe with Julissa Thaler. Thaler was also reportedly uncooperative with the court-appointed psychiatrist.

A judge has decided that the Minnesota mother is mentally competent to stand trial, and her jury trial is expected to begin on January 30. She was charged with second-degree murder in May 2022. However, on Friday, January 13, the court indicted Julissa on one count of first-degree murder of her son and set her bail at $2 million.

Bryan Leary, her public defender, claimed that prosecutors had offered Julissa a plea deal, which would mean a 40-year sentence. However, according to CBS, she declined the offer to plead guilty to the second-degree murder charge.

Leary told the Minneapolis Star Tribune: After Eli was killed in May 2022, it was discovered that Julissa Thaler wanted to learn how to use a gun. She also went to a shooting range with a friend. According to court documents, Julissa used to carry a shotgun covered in a gray blanket.

During the traffic stop, the police also found a gray blanket. When the officers questioned her about the blood she had, she came up with various excuses. She said that she was carrying deer meat and also that it was menstrual blood. Investigators claimed that Julissa was uncooperative when they were trying to determine if the car was involved in any situation.

She was also trying to get out of her house when they went to arrest her. It was discovered that despite genuine concerns about the safety of the child in Julissa Thaler’s custody, Eli’s social worker and court guardian decided to close the case just days before he was killed. KARE reported that “despite red flags,” the case was closed and Julissa was awarded sole custody of the six-year-old boy. In a report drafted by the judicial guardian, it was mentioned:

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