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Judith Dawn Deskins And Donald Kyle Deskins Wiki – Judith Dawn Deskins And Donald Kyle Deskins Biography

More than two years after his wife’s death from blunt force trauma at home, a Kentucky lawyer and prosecutor was charged with murder and attempted evidence tampering.In April 2021, Donald Kyle Deskins, 54, killed 46-year-old Judith Dawn Deskins “with the intent to cause her death or under circumstances manifesting extreme indifference to human life wantonly engaged in conduct which created a grave risk of death,” according to the Aug. 30 indictment. He also tampered with evidence both immediately after the murder and in the months that followed.

One of the dates the defendant is stated in the indictment to have tampered with evidence is April 24, 2021, the date Judith Dawn Deskins passed away. On July 28, 2021, the defendant is accused of tampering with evidence on a laptop before turning it over to police. This is the second alleged instance of evidence tampering.On July 28, 2021, Donald Kyle Deskins announced on Facebook that he was seeing someone else. People congratulated him and expressed their happiness that the father of two and “great man” had apparently found happiness only three months after the untimely death of his wife. He is currently listed as single on his Facebook page, nevertheless.

Judith Dawn Deskins And Donald Kyle Deskins Age

Donald Kyle Deskins is 46 years old.

Judith Dawn Deskins And Donald Kyle Deskins Incident Detail

A 2014 Kentucky Supreme Court ruling and order reveals that the Kentucky attorney previously faced professional censure for numerous errors and omissions in his representation of a woman who was divorcing: Notably, the opinion claimed that Deskins tried to justify his misbehavior by pointing to “family problems” and mental health issues:

Defendant Deskins wrote a post about despair and anxiety six months after the loss of his wife, writing: “If you know…. you know. And if you don’t, be grateful.Deskins was indicted in Pike County, but the Pike County Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office would not prosecute him due to the glaring conflict of interest posed by his prior position as an assistant prosecutor there.

Floyd “Tony” Skeans, the Commonwealth’s Attorney for Johnson County, was consequently chosen to serve as the special prosecutor, according to the News-Express. Skeans emphasized that this was a challenging case to build without going into specifics regarding the evidence.”Finding the person with the skills and expertise to be able to interpret the physical evidence took forever,” Skeans allegedly remarked.

I became involved with it in the latter half of 2021, and it took me almost all of 2022 to find someone who could examine it.According to records from the Pike County Detention Center that Law&Crime analyzed, the former prosecutor is accused of tampering with physical evidence and homicide during domestic violence.

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