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Joycelyn Bryant and bride Danya Svoboda Wiki – Joycelyn Bryant and bride Danya Svoboda Biography

An elderly woman, who attended a wedding in Florida, sued a caterer for $30,000 in damages for serving guests food laced with marijuana. The bride whose wedding she attended is also being sued for allegedly conspiring with the caterer to infuse food with drugs. Joycelyn’s Southern Kitchen owner Joycelyn Bryant was arrested by Seminole County officials for delivering food containing marijuana to a wedding in Florida. .

According to the Seminole County Sheriff’s Department, the 31-year-old caterer and 42-year-old girlfriend were arrested in April on charges of violations of a law against the handling and delivery of cannabis. Following reports of guests becoming ill and feeling strange at the Feb. 19 wedding at a clubhouse in Longwood, an Orlando suburb, county deputies and firefighters responded according to law enforcement affidavits filed in the case when Svoboda and her husband Andrew Svoboda were questioned. For the police.

Joycelyn Bryant and bride Danya Svoboda Age

Joycelyn Bryant is 31 years old.

Incident Detail

The Daily Mail reports that 76-year-old Virginia Taylor-Svoboda, a relative of the bride who sued Bryant and Danya, was among the guests affected by serving cannabis-laced lasagna. Bryant’s caterers delivered pasta, desserts and bread to 70 guests who were unaware that it contained drugs. Taylor alleges that she had no idea that the food she had was infused with drugs and she suffered “serious and permanent injuries.”

“Bryant knew, or should have known, that allowing the food served [by Joycelyn’s Southern Kitchen] to be laced with marijuana was reasonably likely to cause injury and damage to wedding guests,” Taylor-Svoboda’s lawsuit states, reports Daily Mail. After eating different types of food prepared by Bryant’s caterer, the guests soon felt ill, and about nine of the guests were taken to the hospital and some of them were taken out on stretchers by paramedics, according to the Office of the Seminole County Sheriff.

The Daily Mail reportedly claims that both Bryant and Svoboda were charged with serving marijuana, tampering with guests’ food and misdemeanor culpable neglect after dinner, to which are added new civil charges for negligence. from Bryant. Guests who were interviewed by police said they did not know the food had been tampered with or contained cannabis. According to the order, all guests tested positive for cannabis.

Bryant’s employees, who were helping with the catering, fled to their vehicles and left the venue before police arrived. The Svoboda bride nodded and “acted like she gave them a gift,” guests said when asked by the group if the portions were laced with drugs.

Speaking about the effects after taking the food, another guest, Miranda Cady, said: “It all hit everyone pretty instantly. We were all fine, and then everyone wasn’t,” Daily Mail reports. Cady further added that “It was quite traumatic. , emotionally traumatic. I’m the type of person who walks into a room and everyone is my friend.

Being raped like this by someone you like and trust is really painful. I didn’t have a choice or say. Even if people avoided things like olive oil, it was still on the bread, on the pasta.” In body camera footage captured by Seminole County Sheriff’s Department officials, the drugged girlfriend is apparently suppressing a smile, glancing at deputies but not answering her questions. At the same time, her husband suggested to the police during questioning that the wedding guests might have brought their own edible drugs.

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