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A federal lawsuit filed this week claims that a schizophrenia inmate died after spending nearly three weeks alone, naked, dehydrated, and undernourished in a dirty, padded cell as guards watched him deteriorate and only helped when it was too late. According to the complaint submitted on Wednesday, Joshua McLemore, 29, passed away on August 10, 2021, after spending 20 days in “Cell 7 Padded” at the Jackson County Jail in Indiana.

He passed away after being detained for grabbing a nurse’s hair in a hospital emergency room while experiencing a “acute mental health crisis,” claims the lawsuit submitted on Wednesday in federal court in Indiana.Josh McLemore did not commit a crime. In a statement sent by email to Law & Crime, attorney Hank Balson claimed that the man was both mentally ill and in crisis. ”

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Joshua McLemore is 29 years old.

Joshua McLemore Cause of Death

He needed help because he was disconnected from reality.” The nurse who worked there three or four days a week, according to Balson, scarcely communicated with him and ignored the clear risks of his condition. The jail also lacked mental health personnel, he claimed. His condition was treatable and his death was avoidable, according to the lawsuit, which names Jackson County Sheriff Rick Meyer, jail administrators, medical staff, and the private jail’s health care provider.

He claims that his constitutional rights have been flagrantly violated. He claims that his constitutional rights have been flagrantly violated. For his agony and suffering, the loss of the worth of his life, punitive damages, and legal costs, he is asking for an undefined sum of money. The sheriff’s office of Law & Crime did not respond to messages for comment.

In a statement to The Indy Star, Jessica Young, president and chief executive officer of Advanced Correctional Healthcare, said: “We take criticism of the treatment given by our personnel seriously. Due to federal HIPAA confidentiality and privacy requirements, we are not allowed to disclose patient information. According to a report from Jackson County Attorney Jeffrey Chalfant, jail staff members in Jackson County did not commit any crimes, but they concurred with Indiana State Police that McLemore probably died as a result of sustained inattention.

“The Indiana State Police investigation uncovered no evidence to indicate that Mr. McLemore was intentionally or knowingly killed by another person, nor any evidence that his death was caused by a knowing, intentional, or reckless act,” Chalfant wrote. The complaint describes the circumstances leading up to McLemore’s arrest and death on August 10, 2021, in Cincinnati, at Mercy West Hospital.

Following his detention, he was given a small, windowless, cushioned isolation cell that was lighted by fluorescent lights 24 hours a day. The lawsuit claims that for the following 20 days, he was imprisoned there, naked, by himself, and in a permanent condition of madness. The only times he was allowed to leave his cell “were when the guards forcibly removed him and strapped him into restraints so they could put him under a shower and clean his cell,” according to court records.

According to court records, he frequently shattered the Styrofoam boxes and paper bags his meals were served in and spilled food on the floor. According to court records, a restroom door that was connected to his cell was locked for the majority of the time he was there. The door is said to be secured for security purposes and unlocked at the inmate’s request in the prosecutor’s report, but McLemore never requested access to the lavatory or shower, the prosecutor claimed.

The lawsuit asserts that he frequently mingled food and trash with urine or faeces as well as peeing and pooping on the floor. The prosecutor claimed that he used to routinely urinate in his cell, but he added that, after watching jail footage, he had never seen him faeces there. During his 20-day detention, jail workers cleaned the cell three times, but the prosecutor noted that a few hours after each cleaning, it was back to its previous state.

He weighed 197.8 pounds and appeared healthy and strong when he checked into the prison. According to court records, he consumed very little food and liquids while confined, losing close to 45 pounds in less than three weeks. While jailers allegedly “did nothing to intervene or secure necessary medical or mental health care until it was too late,” the complaint claims that he was constantly watched and that a real-time video feed recorded his activities.

According to court records, when he was finally taken to the hospital, his condition was so severe that the facility lacked the tools necessary to treat him.According to court filings, his condition was so severe that the hospital lacked the capacity to treat him, so he was evacuated to a bigger facility. According to the lawsuit, he was evacuated to a bigger hospital in Cincinnati, where he passed away two days later.

His cause of death according to the autopsy report was “multiple organ failure due to refusal to eat or drink with altered mental status due to untreated schizophrenia.” His history of methamphetamine withdrawal was also cited as a significant contributing factor to his death, although it was unrelated to the fatal illness, the prosecutor claimed. The cause of death was determined to be natural.

The complaint provided details about McLemore’s past, including his upbringing by a single mother in Mississippi and his interests in reading, chess, and video games, as well as his love of sports. According to court records, his mother, a former US Navy sailor, passed away suddenly roughly 16 months after her son passed away.

According to the complaint, he started using drugs and experiencing mental health issues in high school. He eventually received a diagnosis of schizophrenia and had previously spent four times in a mental hospital in Mississippi. “Over the years, he received inpatient psychiatric treatment on several occasions and experienced periods of relative stability that allowed him to work and enjoy life,” the court papers state.

But regrettably, the drug abuse and mental instability returned. His aunt Lita Ladner made a statement about how sad the loss was. Josh was the sole kid of my sister. She remarked that she was crushed by his loss. He was many people’s loyal buddy as well as my one and only nephew. We adore him unconditionally despite his struggles with mental illness.

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