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Stacey Davis, 35, left one-year-old Ethan Davis on her cot for two hours while she ran errands and visited a park. The boy was left home alone while he was trapped in a warm room with no open windows or running fans.Davis, who  allegedly smoked cannabis regularly while in the presence of her son, returned to the property on June 27, 2018, and began texting her friend, unable to check on the baby for at least another 30 minutes. said the court.

She heard. When she entered her house, she found him lifeless and unconscious on her cot. He was rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead shortly after. Davis, from Wiltshire, appeared at Salisbury Crown Court on Thursday 1 December this year, where she was jailed for two years on child cruelty offences. She had previously admitted to the crime at a previous hearing in May 2022.

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Jonathan Stock was 25 years old.

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Prosecutor Simon Jones told the court that a post-mortem examination found a significant head injury, a 15cm skull fracture, but Ethan’s cause of death remains undetermined. During questioning, she told police her son had fallen through a door and hit his head, and despite swelling, bruising and obvious distress, she did not take him to hospital.

“Any reasonable parent would have noticed the distress and sought medical attention,” Mr Jones added. Forensic investigator Nicola Anderson also found that there were high levels of cannabis in Ethan’s hair. She noted that the findings were consistent with Davis regularly smoking the drug around Ethan. Defense attorney Mark Ashley called his client’s case a “classic example of postpartum depression.”

Ethan was born prematurely via C-section and required immediate colon surgery, resulting in a two-month hospital stay. He said that Davis had relationship problems and financial problems and that she was struggling to bond with Ethan. She visited him in the hospital infrequently, blaming the family’s inability to get lifts.

“He was not only suffering from it, but he was dealing with it the wrong way: he was smoking cannabis,” Ashley added. Judge Parkes KC weighed in, saying, “It was unbelievably stupid, go out there and do it.” Continuing, Mr. Ashley recounted how the defendant was afraid to take Ethan to hospital with an injury after he was previously removed from his care by social services due to a suspected broken leg.

However, he was returned when the injury was found to be non-existent and no wrongdoing was found. He told the court that Davis has been working with Turning Point to stop using cannabis, but that he has smoked it this week because his “stress levels are particularly high.” Requesting a suspended prison sentence, he added: “Everyone involved is trying to rebuild their lives, she is trying to rebuild her life.

“The matter has been going around her head for years, she is extremely concerned that she might be arrested.” Describing Davis’ behavior as “utterly selfish”, Judge Parkes KC imposed an immediate prison sentence of two years, for which she will serve half of it in custody. He said: “There is no evidence that you or his father caused Ethan’s death, no indication that you did.

The sad fact is that you failed in the duty you owed Ethan as his mother.” “He suffered a 15cm skull fracture one to three weeks before his death, likely due to a blunt force impact of significant force. He did not seek medical attention for the head injury. Any normal parent would put the child’s health first.” . anything.

“It’s clear that you abandoned him on two occasions, including on the day of this death. “This is compounded by the fact that it happened twice. You left Ethan alone on his cot in a room with a closed window.

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