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Defence attorneys claimed in a “bombshell” argument this week that the adjunct lecturer accused of killing her Boston police officer partner during a major nor’easter in 2022 is actually innocent and that cellphone evidence from another Boston police officer will show it.

Karen A. Read’s 42-year-old lawyer claimed that the defence motion submitted on Wednesday “completely undermines the prosecution’s theory of the case” and actually supports their theory of third-party culpability regarding what happened to John O’Keefe, 46, in Canton, Massachusetts between January 28 and January 29, 2022. The attorneys requested that the trial judge allow further discovery pertaining to the phones of Boston police officer Brian Albert and Albert’s sister-in-law Jennifer McCabe.

John O’Keefe and Karen Read Age

Karen Read is 63 years old.

John O’Keefe and Karen Read Investigation

In the wake of a car accident outside Albert’s house in February 2022, Read was charged with abandoning O’Keefe to perish in the snow. On the Friday before the event, according to the authorities, Read and O’Keefe visited at least two bars before going to Albert’s house. O’Keefe remained at that house after Read stated she wasn’t feeling well and went home, leaving.

According to Read, she afterwards attempted to get in touch with O’Keefe but was unable. The defendant allegedly informed authorities that she discovered her car’s shattered taillight the following morning.”Could I have hit him?” you ask. Prosecutors claim that when Read arrived back at the location where she had dropped off her partner, she said. “Did I hit him?” you ask.

According to Read’s attorneys, there is a different explanation for why Read has no recollection of assaulting O’Keefe than intoxication: It never happened.According to the defence, Jennifer McCabe, who was referred to as “the government’s seminal witness,” Googled “hos [sic] long to die in cold” after 2 a.m. on January 29 in support of that claim. According to the defence, McCabe intended to Google “how” rather than “hos.”

Additionally, Read’s attorneys claimed that McCabe attempted to remove proof of her communications with Albert.McCabe openly admitted to police that she “did not think much” of O’Keefe’s refusal to enter the house that evening and concluded that he and Ms. Read had just made the decision to return home.

However, three hours prior to Jennifer McCabe’s ‘discovery’ of O’Keefe’s lifeless body in the cold snow of her brother-in-law’s front lawn, three hours prior to Ms. McCabe interfering with Ms. Read’s search for O’Keefe and delaying her return to the Albert Residence, Ms. McCabe had only one thought: How long before you freeze to death,” the defence motion said.

What’s even more shocking is that Ms. McCabe took calculated steps the very next day, before handing her phone over to law enforcement, to rid it of this incriminating search while also attempting to delete her communications with Brian Albert and remove a screenshot of his contact information from her phone, which she had evidently shared with someone that morning.

The Norfolk County District Attorney’s Office should “immediately do what’s right and file a nolle prosequi” and conclude the case against Read, according to the defence, who said that the fresh evidence should do so.The attorneys argued that Read should at least be permitted to do additional discovery and present a strong defence in court if that does not take place.

“Ms. Read’s constitutional right to defend herself against these false allegations demand that she be permitted to obtain the critical information that law enforcement failed to obtain and preserve from the outset, namely communications and location information associated with the actual perpetrators of this crime, Jennifer McCabe and Brian Albert,” according to the defence.

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