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The remains of John Holoka Jr., a US Air Force officer, have been identified after nearly eight decades. The organisation responsible for identifying the remains of Holoka, a 25-year-old technical sergeant from Cresson, Pennsylvania, is the DoD POW/MIA Accounting Agency (DPAA). In June 1944, Holoka lost his life in the course of World War II. But, DNA tests and anthropological examinations conducted lately on the remains, which were discovered in the United Kingdom in 2021, have established that they belong to the Holoka tribe.

In Saint-Cyr-l’École, France, close to Versailles, a B-24H Liberator bomber carrying ten airmen was severely damaged by anti-aircraft fire following a raid on a German base, and Holoka was one of them. According to a Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency news release, Lt William B. Montgomery, the pilot, was able to fly the damaged aircraft to the coast of England.

John Holoka Age

John Holoka Was 79 years old.

John Holoka Cause of Death

Montgomery, Holoka, and one other member of the crew were still aboard when the plane crashed, but not before he gave the order for the crew to bail out, allowing seven airmen to escape via parachute. Two crew members who made a successful emergency landing on the ground saw the plane crash into a West Sussex farm.

American Graves Registration Command (AGRC), which was created by the Army Quartermaster Corps in 1946, was in responsibility of locating American service personnel who went missing in the European Theater. When AGRC investigators visited the accident scene in November 1947, no other crew members’ bodies were discovered.

Holoka was considered to be irrecoverable on May 10, 1950. In an effort to recover parts, a team attempted to excavate a plane accident site in 1974. Investigations were carried out by the US Department of Defense in 2017, 2019, and June 2021, at which time human remains and other evidence were discovered.

78-year-old Susanne Ciarello of Long Island, New York, who is Holoka’s niece, expressed her feelings regarding the discovery. To the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, she stated: “It makes me want to cry. They found my uncle’s dog tags, which is so incredible and unbelievable to me.” Holoka was supposed to be Ciarello’s godfather, but because her mother would become upset, little was stated about him. “I only wish she was alive to see this,” she continued.

According to the press announcement, Holoka will be laid to rest with his parents on May 1 in Portage, close to Cresson, rather than in Arlington National Cemetery. US military people who are missing in action or who have been killed in action are still being found thanks to the DPAA’s work, which also helps their families find closure.

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