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Another shocking revelation was made during a discussion Tuesday afternoon, January 31, at the Alex Murdaugh double murder trial. Murdaugh’s second cousin testified that, between 2016 and 2018, he built three custom AR-style rifles for him. The 54-year-old man is accused of shooting his 22-year-old son Paul Murdaugh at point-blank range with a shotgun and his 52-year-old wife Maggie with a rifle.

He is also believed to be the only party in the 2021 murders that took place on the family’s Colleton County property. Murdaugh’s cousin, John Bedingfield, took the stand to present more vital information. Bedingfield says that he built two .300 Blackout rifles for Alex Murdaugh at a cost of $9,188 as a Christmas present for his children in 2016.

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John Bedingfield is 63 years old.

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Additionally, he revealed that he built a basic rifle for Maggie Murdaugh in April 2018 for $ 875. The weapon in the discussion made for Maggie is similar to the one investigators found where she was killed. According to Bedingfield, Murdaugh had a good relationship with his children. He tells the court: “He was always good. When he called me, he was excited to get these (rifles) for his guys,” according to the Independent.

Alex was reportedly filmed walking away from the shelter an hour before calling 911 to report the killings and is believed to have carried out the double homicide after visiting his mother. Bedingfield is an agent for the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources and also a custom gun maker. He also has a firearms license. Bedingfield had made several of these .300 Blackout rifles.

He explains that the locals used them to hunt pigs. Bedingfield says, “They (pigs) are a serious nuisance in this region.” He claims that he had sold so many of these rifles that he could not give a particular number. Bedingfield explains that Murdaugh approached him again in April 2018 about a third .300 Blackout rifle saying that Paul had lost his.

Alex Murdaugh paid $9,188 for the first two .300 Blackout rifles in 2016, and the third cost him $875. The price change was due to the absence of a thermal sight or suppressor. Furthermore, Bedingfield further states that it was Maggie who collected the weapons when they were ready. Bedingfield provided his brother with .300 Blackout AR-15 style rifles.

It is an intermediate cartridge with higher performance in shorter barrels and effective subsonic performance. It is an innovative cartridge that bridges the gap between intermediate calibers and full power. 30 caliber rounds, providing flexibility and performance in a familiar, lightweight package. It is typically used for target shooting, hunting, home defense, and plinking. As Bedingfield explained, most of his clients used this rifle to hunt hogs.

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