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Canadian journalist Jessica Robb sparked vaccine fears after suffering a medical emergency while reporting live on television. On Sunday, January 8, Robb was reporting on the location of the Canadian-based news channel, CTV, when she, in the middle of a conversation with host Nahreman Issa, began babbling and repeating words on the live feed. went viral on the internet, Jessica Robb can be seen speechless and struggling to speak.

At one point, she can also be seen lost and losing her balance. Before the cameraman cut the transmission from Robb to Issa reporting from the news studio, the young journalist could be seen nearly collapsing as she lost her balance. After video of Jessica Robb reporting from a location in Canada went viral, Twitter was concerned.

Jessica Robb Age

Jessica Robb’s age is Unkown.

Incident Detail

In the clip, Robb reported news before her physical health began to deteriorate on live television. Before the camera shot cut to the studio, Jessica said, Issa also stated that he will update viewers on Jessica’s health and that she was not alone at the shooting location.

After the video of her went viral, several Twitter users were concerned about Jessica Robb’s physical health, linking it to vaccine-related issues. Many pointed out that Robb’s tweets were suddenly blacked out after she apparently collapsed on live TV. The young presenter had recently updated on her Twitter that she had taken three doses of the Covid vaccine.

Some users also criticized the channel for trying to hide her condition from the public. After Robb nearly collapsed on live TV (before her account went private), she updated her well wishes on her health condition on the social media platform.

Robb said she was fine and thanked the studio reporter, her cameraman and the people who reached out to her out of concern for her health. The channel also tweeted an update on her health, but did not provide details on her condition.

She graduated from MacEwan University with a BA in Communications and a minor in Journalism in June 2019. She began working as a reporter in the summer of that same year. In addition to being a reporter, Jessica is an amateur soccer player, runner, and guitarist.

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