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Jessica Nelson, a working single mother, was found strangled to death in the bathtub of her home in Debolt, Nebraska, in June 2015. Jessica’s mother, Missy Nelson, found her daughter completely naked in the fetal position, holding a charging cell phone. . cord, with ligature marks on neck, indicating strangulation.

DNA evidence collected from the crime scene and phone records led authorities to Matthew Kidder. Kidder was a longtime friend of Jessica’s and also a close friend of the Nelson family. He was convicted of first degree murder and the use of a deadly weapon to commit a felony in 2016. Date: Secrets Uncovered is scheduled to revisit the brutal murder of Jessica Nelson in an episode titled Evil Intent.

Jessica Nelson Age

Jessica Nelson was 23 years old.

Jessica Nelson  Cause of Death

The episode will re-air on Oxygen on Wednesday, February 8, 2023 at 7 p.m. m. ET. Jessica Nelson’s mother, Missy Nelson, received a concerning call on June 25, 2015, informing her that Jessica had not shown up for work. That’s when Missy called her 28 year old daughter of hers that she was not answering calls.

Concerned, Missy went to her daughter’s house and noticed her car in the driveway. Jessica lived with her six-year-old son Dom, who was visiting her father the night before. This meant that Jessica was alone in her home in Debolt, Nebraska.

When Missy entered her daughter’s house, she found the front door locked and used her keys to open it. She heard the sound of water coming out of the bathroom and went to check it, that’s when she found her dead daughter and proceeded to call the police.

During the call, she was heard saying that it looked like Jessica slipped in the shower, but Missy didn’t know how it happened. Jessica’s nude body was partially submerged in the tub, propped up in a fetal position with one hand clutching a cell phone charging cable.

Her head was covered in blood and a ligature mark could be seen on her neck. Her clothes were located next to her feet. Upon her arrival, the authorities evaluated the crime scene as a homicide, despite the fact that there were no signs of a search. All items found near the body were brought in for further examination.

Samples were taken from other items in the house for DNA evidence, including samples under the victim’s fingernails and also from the telephone cord. Later, an autopsy revealed bleeding from Jessica Nelson’s eyes, bruising and abrasions on her neck. They also found a ligature mark on her neck that was consistent with the cell phone cord and also confirmed that she was strangled to death.

In addition, bruises and a cut in the v*ginal area, in addition to bruises on her head, stomach, and colon, suggested that she, too, was sexually assaulted. the crime. Although she maintained her innocence, a jury found him guilty after considering material found on her computer and text messages she shared with the victim.

At her trial, one of her cellmates testified and claimed that Kidder confessed to her about the crime and revealed specific information from the scene that was not made public. Kidder was sentenced to life in prison with an additional 20 years in 2016.

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