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A British father-of-five who was riding a motorbike in Thailand when he was involved in a terrible collision with a vehicle has passed away. On Koh Samui, Jay Bridgehouse, 32, was knocked off his motorbike by an approaching car in the early hours of February 26 and was taken to the hospital.

Just seconds before, he had concluded a call with girlfriend Naomi, but he hadn’t put the phone down, so she was still on the line and could hear the horrible crash of the vehicle slamming into her partner’s bike. Jay, a Manchester resident from Stockport, was taken right into emergency surgery at Koh Samui International Hospital after suffering several skull fractures since he was not wearing a helmet.

Jay Bridgehouse Age

Jay Bridgehouse was 32 years old.

Jay Bridgehouse Cause of Death

He was anticipated to regain consciousness within hours after leaving the operating room because the procedure was deemed successful. ¬†Unfortunately, Jay’s injuries were so severe that a brain bleed caused him to lose consciousness. He subsequently passed away from his wounds on March 18, following a second cerebral haemorrhage, pneumonia, and sepsis.

The grieving family of Jay is currently working to raise money to pay for their son’s funeral, return of his body, and medical care. Mum Tracey and dad Dean told the Manchester Evening News that Jay was still in a coma when his kidney and liver functions began to decline.

His immune system wasn’t strong enough to battle the pneumonia, and his organs were starting to break down. “From that point on, his demise was swift.” We were all near his bedside and saw his passing. The family allegedly used many credit cards to book a last-minute flight from Stockport to Thailand in the days following the incident.

Abbie, Jay’s younger sister, started a GoFundMe page, which has already raised $27,000 of its intended ¬£50,000 target. Jay was in Thailand pursuing his future aspirations, Abbie wrote in a homage to her big brother. Jay is a cherished, jovial, and frequently mocking big brother.

He was a die-hard supporter of Manchester United and tuned in to games whenever he could. When he had the chance, he was known to belt out an off-key cover of #TomJones’ “Delilah” on the karaoke machine. Jay was born and raised in Manchester and maintains strong ties to his hometown… He kept in touch with his family frequently and always finished calls with “I miss you” and “I love you all the huge sausages.”

We are a family of dedicated workers. We had to borrow money and use our credit cards to the limit to get here with Jay, and now we have nowhere to turn but to beg family, friends, and complete strangers for their compassion and goodness in helping us save Jay.

After visiting the nation and deciding he wanted to go there, Jay, who has four children ages 13, 9, 8, and 6, as well as a stepdaughter age 2, was seeking for job in Thailand. Jay was such a character, his family told Manchester Evening News. He cherished family, enjoyed life, and had fun. Everyone adored him and thought he was a great father and son.

He was loud and a touch cheeky, and during a party, he was always the first to turn the music up. He loved to laugh, always. When he was a teenager and out with his friends in Stockport, his mother Tracey recalled that if he spotted me, he would always give me a kiss and declare his love for me in front of his friends. He would always say how much he loved and missed you before hanging up the phone.

We were amazed by the amount of support letters and donations received on the financing page. We have received so many notes from strangers. While Jay’s family continues to work with Thai health officials and an international funeral home to arrange for his repatriation, Jay’s body is still in Thailand.

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